3 Denim Styles for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

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If 2020 belonged to cozy sweats and loungewear, 2021 is the year of denim. Spring is in full swing and it’ll be summer before long. What says “ready for warm weather” better than lightweight, colourful and easy to wear styles? That’s simple: our wide selection of denim looks.

We’re updating you (and your wardrobe) on your soon-to-be favourite pieces. From light, versatile jean jackets and charming tops, to comfy and flattering denim pants, skirts and capris.

If you’ve been wondering how to add new life to your closet, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look.


1. Denim Jacket
2. Denim Tops
3. Denim Bottoms

1. Denim Jackets

With a seemingly endless list of easy to wear pieces to choose from, here are a few gorgeous styles. You’ll find them hard to pass up.

Whether you’re going for a classic jean jacket, a more detailed embellished look, or something frayed and a little more edgy, a few versatile denim pieces will truly enhance your wardrobe. They’re a hassle-free way to add a touch of personality to your style.

Pick a style with your favourite combination of fit, dye and accents, and there you have it, the perfect jacket. They’re great as a light outer layer on cooler days. You can also dress them up with an elegant blouse or dress. The choice is yours.

2. Denim Tops

Work from home has become the new normal, and with it, so have virtual meetings and extremely laid-back work attire (read pyjamas and sweats). Why not use video calls as a reason to break from your routine and put on something nice? If that sounds like you, our delightful tops and denim-like styles are exactly what you need.

Look your best on camera or in person in a flattering sleeveless tunic blouse or opt for something more casual like a tee with denim details. For a similar look with a slightly different feel, try one of our gorgeous, easy to wear Tencel pieces. It’s a casual but elegant style.

Wear denim from head to toe for a Canadian tuxedo inspired look, or dress it up with a light and flowy scarf. To complete the outfit, add your favourite jewellery as the finishing touch.

3. Denim Bottoms

Traditionally, when you think of denim (especially bottoms), comfort isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. We’d like the opportunity to help you reconsider. Our jeans, skirts and capris have tons of upside. We think you’ll love them.

Every woman needs a few versatile essentials in her closet. They should be stylish, but also comfortable. They should fit flatteringly, yet be easy to wear, and practical. If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for in your jeans or skirts, you’ve come to the right place.

Our selection of bottoms is as cozy as they come, and designed with darling details, like our floral embroidered straight leg jeans. For a simple and feminine alternative, try our jean skirts. They come in different dyes and washes, and can easily be paired with just about any of our tees or blouses.

Looking for something to wear on warmer days, to the office, or on a leisurely walk? Give one of our capris a try. It doesn’t get more effortless than these. Mix and match them with tops and shoes that suit your mood.


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What’s your go-to denim style? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Kyle Bernard

In his free time, Kyle is a photographer, writer and proud plant dad. He’s a lifelong fan of Japanese anime and casual student of the culinary arts. Born in the Caribbean and raised in Canada, he enjoys laidback atmospheres and nature. After graduating from McGill University, he went backpacking for nearly 2 years through the Caribbean, Europe and Asia and has deepened his appreciation for travel and culture.

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