5 Secrets to the Perfect Patio Layout

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Here comes summer and all the pleasures that come with it! Whether we think of picnics with friends, outings to the beach or cocktails sipped on a terrace, the most beautiful season awaits! For homebodies or for those who like to entertain at home with ease, perfecting your patio is a crucial step for a more than perfect summer. Here are 5 tips to transform your outdoor space into a real-life modern oasis.

1. Shade and Privacy

When it’s scorching hot outside, a little shade is essential to cool off and protect yourself from the sun’s rays. A pergola is the perfect accessory to serve as both a sun shade and shelter in case of rain. You’ll find many different models on the market. For those up for the challenge, you can build a wooden one yourself, and grow climbing plants on it if you like. In general, consider surrounding your patio with shrubs and planters. Otherwise, opt for a privacy screen like this one, available at Simons. It’s an elegant and modern way to shield your balcony from the prying eyes of neighbours, all while creating extra shade. Coolaroo brand’s triangle shade sails are also an original alternative to the traditional outdoor umbrella.

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2. A Dining Corner

We can all agree that eating on a terrace is one of life’s greatest pleasures! Choose furniture with a simple, modern design, made of sun- and water-resistant materials. For a lightweight and durable patio set, consider aluminum or PVC. EQ3 offers contemporary-looking designs that are sure to enhance your yard. For a more natural look, choose teak furniture, a wood known for its strong, robust quality. From there, go ahead and add colourful accessories designed for the outdoors, as well as a vinyl tablecloth that’s easy to clean. For a more refined style, opt for a fouta cover, a versatile easy-to-maintain accessory. Also, consider investing in a bamboo or plastic tableware set, much less fragile than the glass or ceramic sets you use indoors.

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3. A Relaxation Zone

Select a space that feels naturally relaxing (or make do with what you have!), and set it up your way. For a moment of uninhibited joy, sit in the shade of an umbrella on a folding chair from Bref Mtl. If your yard is big enough, indulge in a hammock from Hammock Universe, the perfect companion for your reading sessions and afternoon naps. You can easily brighten up your space with boldly patterned cushions. We recommend some from the Finnish company Marimekko, available at EQ3. Plus, if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious than a hammock, you can always go for a hanging chair from CB2. Guaranteed to become your favourite place to relax this summer.

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4. A Vegetable and Flower Garden

For a touch of lively colour, adding plants and flowers to your outdoor space is a must. If you’re leaning more towards growing veggies, follow our advice for a successful vegetable garden here. When it comes to flowers and other greenery, have fun varying the types of pots they’re planted in, and feel free to attach hanging planters to your pergola or balcony railings. From geraniums and begonias to herbs that you can use to flavour your delicious BBQ dishes, the possibilities are endless! For soft, enveloping scents, add a few lavender plants here and there. When they flower, you can pick these fragrant plants for DIY projects like dry flower bouquets or sachets to slip into your clothes drawers.

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5. The Final Touch: Lighting!

Finally, to extend your patio dinners and time spent outdoors, complete your space with some extra lighting. Think garlands of lights, hanging lamps and lemongrass candles. Create a warm and cozy atmosphere for lazy evenings worthy of the most beautiful Pinterest photos.

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Relax, have fun, and essentially, enjoy the summer. In Canada, this season is so short. Don’t miss your chance to make the most amazing memories.

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Who will you invite to your terrace this summer? What meals will you cook there? Share with us in the comments. We love to read each and every one!

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding

Written by Marie-Eve Filteau

Marie-Eve has a passion for everything even slightly related to Scandinavian culture. If she were a city, it would be Copenhagen. She loves Italian pastries, pastel pink and the smell of eucalyptus. A true foodie, she never has enough recipe books nor room in her freezer, which she fills with all sorts of delicious dishes! Marie-Eve loves discovering new restaurants, or enjoying good take-out in the comfort of her own home (admittedly way easier when children are in the picture!). She loves quality clothing made locally, but most of all, she appreciates finding secondhand pieces that look brand-new!

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