What Your Taste in Books Says About Your Style!

What Your Taste in Books Says About Your Style | Fashion | Laura Blog
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What if we told you that your favourite books revealed a lot about your personality and style, from your character traits to the clothes you like? A landscape, a character, a passion that resonates within us… Whether it’s fiction or something grounded in reality, reading feeds the imagination, consciously or not.

To kick off the year on a playful note, we had fun deciphering four kinds of books and matching them with their corresponding looks. Ready for a reading break?



1. Fashion First, Always!
2. Eco-Conscious to the Core
3. Artsy Through & Through
4. An Adventurer’s Spirit


1. Fashion First, Always!

Without getting sucked into trends, style is an integral part of your lifestyle. Whether it comes down to your décor or your look, you have a natural eye for aesthetics! You pay particular attention to colours, quality, materials and the finest details.

Starting with a neutral base of cream and ebony tones, you build your personal style with classic and current pieces that stand out for their impeccable cuts and elegant prints. Your go-to clothes for the season: stretchy City fit pants and a textured pencil skirt.

The book we recommend: Dress Your Best Life by Dawnn Karen

2. Eco-Conscious to the Core

As a lover of nature, biodiversity – the guarantor of the well-being of future generations on Earth! – is close to your heart. This pushes you to make choices that reflect your values. To limit your ecological footprint, you favour local and sustainable products, a circular economy, alternative transport, etc.

When it comes to fashion, styles made in Canada are your favourites. You like natural materials, like linen, and you have a soft spot for vegan leather. Your winter jacket: a Repreve® vegan down coat, made with recycled plastic water bottles. The piece you’ve set your sights on: Tencel pants to wear all year round.

The book to pull inspiration from: No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg

3. Artsy Through & Through

Beauty in all its forms breathes new life into you every day. Taking samba lessons, journaling, painting in your spare time, making special dishes for your loved ones, going to the movies, playing the guitar… Whatever you do, the artist in you shines through.

The same goes for putting your outfits together: you get creative. Colour doesn’t scare you; it adds personality to your looks. Playful patterns and artsy designs (brocade, watercolour motifs, unique graphics) reflect your love for aesthetics and freedom of expression. Your one-of-a-kind piece of the day: a yellow and black jacket, featuring circular and linear stitching. Your chic fashion find: a tricotine trench and a floral top with notes of fuchsia.

The book on your bedside table: Crush by Richard Siken

4. An Adventurer’s Spirit

Equipped with insatiable curiosity, you are an explorer at heart. To satisfy your desire for discovery, you dive into books that open up new horizons for you, or you go on a journey off the beaten path. Meeting people from all over the world and learning about your differences excites you.

Jeans and relaxed fits are your travel companions for your escapes to different cities, the countryside or abroad. To spice up your outfits, you opt for prints associated directly or indirectly to travel: paisley of Persian origin, exotic flowers, palm trees… Your piece of the moment: a bold cardigan with a geometric motif in the style of Anatolian kilims. Your go-to style, perfect for work and play: boho-chic.

The book you should carry around: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

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What’s your favourite book? Which one inspires you? What would it say about you and your style? Share your stories with us below!


Adapted from French by Erika Spedding


Written by Fernanda Machado Gonçalves

What sparks Fernanda’s interest? Humans in all their dimensions, arts and culture included! It’s surely no coincidence that, from a very young age, she felt called to study foreign languages. Speaking the words of your neighbour, she says, is the respectful first step to making their acquaintance. The desire to better understand others and life pushes her to read a lot. Really a lot. Literature, yes, but also everything related to psychology, spirituality, the environment… Dance – her secret passion – helps her express her creativity through movement; a whole different kind of communication. Her favourite pas de deux: Samba de Gafieira (Portuguese also being an attraction!) and ballet.

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