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The world looks a little different now. We live in a socially distanced society. We’ve adapted our lifestyles, including what we do to relax and the way we dress. Finding something to wear can be tricky. Finding something to wear, while looking for new and interesting ways to unwind, amid increasingly limited options can be flat-out challenging.

Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. The Laura team has taken care of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve put together a short but helpful list of laid-back activities and the perfect loungewear to do them in.

Let’s take a closer look below.

For the Homebody

Rewind. It’s December, 2019. You’re enjoying the holidays with friends and family. Your wine glass and your plate are as full as your heart. Life is good. A friend asks, “So, what do you have planned for the upcoming year?” Of the infinitely long list of possible responses, there’s one you probably wouldn’t have given: living through a global pandemic.

That said, having no choice but to stay at home has affected some more than others. Homebodies have had the easiest time adapting to the stay-at-home order. Our new Lounge Shop collection ensures they’ll look good doing it. Avid reader? TV and movie lover? Painter?

Our colour block drawstring detail top and our wide leg pull-on pants featured above, are the perfect pieces for you to stay in and stay cozy.

For the Wellness Enthusiast

The benefits of living a lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing are endless. There’s no better time than now to establish and maintain a consistent wellness routine. The best part? A number of health and wellness activities can be done from home, or nearby in public spaces. Think meditation, yoga, stretching, and more. They’re budget-friendly too. And who doesn’t like saving money?

Wait. There’s more. Our new loungewear collection has comfortable tops, bottoms, and setseverything you need to start or continue along your wellness journey with comfort and style. Take our tab detail leggings for instance. They’re simple, flattering, and easy to wear, almost anywhere. They pair nicely with our long sleeve cutout detail top too. Wear them together, apart, or mix and match them with other pieces from our Lounge Shop collection. We promise you won’t regret it.

For the One on the Go

As the old saying goes “We only appreciate what we have when we lose it.” We haven’t entirely lost the outdoors, but we are limited. Regardless, some people spend much more time outside than others. They exercise outdoors, go on long romantic walks to the grocery store, run errands, you get the picture.

Don’t they deserve breathable, stylish, and cozy loungewear too? We think so. And that’s exactly what they’ll get with our new Lounge Shop collection. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. With soft and stretchy fabric, pastel colours and light tones, our colour block V-neck sweater is pretty close to perfect.

The same can be said for our ribbon drawstring pull-on pants. They’re chic, functional, and look great with any number of tops. You’ll look and feel great on the go, all while being as laid-back as possible. What more could you possibly want from a pair of pants?

We’re living in unprecedented times. It may take us a while to get back to what we once thought of as normal, if we ever do. While we can’t control how the world moves forward and adapts, we can control how we look and feel and the things that we do. So whether you’re a homebody, wellbeing enthusiast, a mover or all of the above, our loungewear collection is here to help you look the part.

What’s your favourite style from our Lounge Shop range? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Kyle Bernard

In his free time, Kyle is a photographer, writer and proud plant dad. He’s a lifelong fan of Japanese anime and casual student of the culinary arts. Born in the Caribbean and raised in Canada, he enjoys laidback atmospheres and nature. After graduating from McGill University, he went backpacking for nearly 2 years through the Caribbean, Europe and Asia and has deepened his appreciation for travel and culture.

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