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  • New Year, New Style Resolutions |Fashion | Laura Blog

    6 Personal Style Resolutions for 2022

    The beginning of the year is a great for making new resolutions. Start a new project. Join the gym. Pursue a new career. Revamp your wardrobe and style. After all, look good, feel good, right? Not to mention, you get dressed every day. Why not make it easy and enjoyable? We’re here to help. Our […]

  • View of trees, mountain, and sky at sunrise

    Canada’s Top 5 Staycation Destinations to Visit in 2021

    Canada—the second largest country in the world. If you had to choose one country for a staycation, Canada would be an excellent choice. Why? There are nearly too many reasons to choose from. First, the mountains are enormous, yet enchanting. Next, the coasts are rugged and charming. Let’s not forget the remote beaches, glaciers, rainforests, […]

  • Woman in yoga pose in bright room

    5 Benefits of Adding Yoga to Your Fitness Routine

    In recent years, yoga has gone from niche exercise, to global phenomenon. When day-to-day life gets hectic, fitness and wellness routines are often first to go. Setting a few minutes aside while at home, the park, gym, or studio isn’t always easy. We’re here to remind you, it’s always worth it. Not to mention, the benefits […]

  • Femmes aux bras liés portant du denim

    3 Denim Styles for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

    If 2020 belonged to cozy sweats and loungewear, 2021 is the year of denim. Spring is in full swing and it’ll be summer before long. What says “ready for warm weather” better than lightweight, colourful and easy to wear styles? That’s simple: our wide selection of denim looks. We’re updating you (and your wardrobe) on […]

  • 5 tendances de décoration pour un intérieur douillet | Blogue Laura

    5 Cozy Interior Design Trends for 2021

    Fashion and interior design, two artforms that make up a large part of how we see and experience the world. It may come as a surprise, but there’s plenty of overlap between these trends. In fact, interior designers often turn to the world of fashion for inspiration. The reasoning is simple. It’s easier, quicker and […]

  • Quoi faire pour souligner le jour de la Saint-Valentin? Art de vivre - Blogue Laura

    Simple and Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Valentine’s Day—for many, it’s the loveliest day of the year. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself and your loved ones to something special. Normally, we’d suggest interesting places to go, romantic dates, and how to look your best for the occasion. But these aren’t normal times. This year, February 14th will be spent indoors. […]

  • Laid-Back and Looking the Part in Loungewear | Fashion | Laura Blog

    Our Guide to Staying Laidback in Loungewear

    The world looks a little different now. We live in a socially distanced society. We’ve adapted our lifestyles, including what we do to relax and the way we dress. Finding something to wear can be tricky. Finding something to wear, while looking for new and interesting ways to unwind, amid increasingly limited options can be […]