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  • How to Dress Based on Your Astrology Zodiac Sign | Entertainment | Laura Blog

    Your Personal Style According to Astrology

    As we enter Taurus season, we thought it would be fun to dive into the world of astrology and aesthetics. Your zodiac sign (or Sun sign) can help you discover and develop your personal style in a way that resonates with you. It’s not the whole picture, but it can be a great guide! Ahead, […]

  • For International Women's Day, elebrating the woman behind the brand: Laura Wolstein

    Laura Wolstein: The Woman Behind the Brand

    In honour of International Women’s Day, we at Laura Canada wanted to spotlight the woman who started it all: our eponymous founder, Laura Wolstein. Where It All Began About 91 years ago, in 1930, Laura Wolstein made a decision that would impact both her family and the Canadian fashion industry forever. When it was not […]

  • Rack of comfortable yet stylish clothing

    How Style Meets Comfort in 2021

    With norms being redefined by the minute, fashion must necessarily follow suit. As we adapt to our current way of living, weekend and loungewear spill into our weekday attire with casual grace. Comfort dressing takes a front seat—and it’s about time too! Still, there are ways to dress comfy without sacrificing style, and we’d love […]

  • Must-Have Coats Winter 2020

    7 Coats You Need in Your Closet

    With the weather cooling down and our outerwear finally hitting the shelves, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our absolute favourite coats of the season. (Trust us when we say it was hard to narrow it down—we love them all dearly!) Here are 7 beautiful coats to get you through the winter, […]