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How Nature Can Inspire Your Style | Fashion | Laura Blog
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The natural world is bursting with gorgeous colours, mesmerizing shapes and patterns, and powerful emotional cues. In short, it’s the perfect fashion inspiration. From world-famous designers to crafters of homemade garments, nature has inspired the fashion world in countless ways. Our collections are no exception! 

Notre nouvelle collection Safari chic, par exemple, évoque entre autres des paysages terreux gorgés de soleil, et de la sublime et dense végétation.

In fact, it’s perfect for getting into the vacation state of mind at a time when we’re all staying home! So, in the spirit of these beautiful styles and our undying wanderlust, let’s make nature the ultimate muse for your outfits.


A woman wearing floral print wide leg pants.
Floral Print Wide Leg Pants
Melanie Lyne

Floral Prints

No spring wardrobe is complete without floral prints. From lilies and hibiscus blossoms to dahlias and peonies, they provide endless inspiration for uses of colour and form. A vibrant floral print blouse is ideal for enhancing your favourite pair of jeans or capris to create a joyful springtime look. Or, you can add a burst of colour to more refined and sophisticated outfits when you combine the right top with a stylish pair of straight or wide leg pants. Meanwhile, floral print pants are of course a perennial favourite (pun definitely intended).


A woman wearing leaf print capri pants.
Leaf Print Pull-On Capris
Melanie Lyne

Plant Prints

Intricate leafy patterns, exotic palm fronds, and other plant-based prints are irresistible when the warmer months come around. Not only are these aspects of nature perfect for adding movement and energy to your look, they can also transport you to another place altogether! As we’ve mentioned in our blog on building a fashion routine while staying at home, our minds are quite susceptible to what we wear. Infusing your style with botanical beauty is a fun way to unwind, boost your mood, and bring the natural world closer to you.


A woman wearing a leopard print camisole.
Tiered Leopard Print Cami
Melanie Lyne

Animal Prints

Many of nature’s animals display patterns and colours that are simply enchanting, and you can enjoy them ethically when you explore the world of animal prints. Whether it’s spots, stripes, plumage, or all of the above, these gorgeous displays can add quite a lot to your look. Zebra and feline prints, for instance, are ideal for enhancing an outfit with flowing, dynamic lines and plenty of contrast. This is true whether it covers the style in its entirety or if it’s a subtle detail or insert. In short, use them to get in touch with your wild side!


A woman wearing a paisley bomber jacket.
Paisley Print Bomber Jacket
Melanie Lyne

Getting Creative

The wonders of nature are already picture-perfect as they are. Still, their potential as fashion inspiration is truly fulfilled when you think of them in a more creative way. Paisley, for example, isn’t strictly a floral or botanical print, but it has an elegant and captivating plantlike quality. You may even find leaf and flower shapes integrated within it. Some prints blur the lines between natural forms and more abstract ones. Meanwhile, with the right use of colour, you can even give your look an earthy and organic flavour without using a single print!

What are your favourite nature-inspired styles? Feel free to let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to freshen up your closet with pieces from our Safari Chic trend!

Written by David Harris

Whether professionally or for fun, David spends most of his time reading, writing, and working on music. You'll also occasionally catch him watching campy movies, playing video games, or indulging in Montreal's many delicious cuisines. An American in Canada, he sometimes misses the sandy shores of his native California, but he's come to love our snowy winters and festive summers. After several years of making new friends, studying music at Concordia, and immersing himself into Montreal's vibrant and creative culture, he's now more than content to call this city his home away from home.

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