Top 5 Spring-Summer Fashion Trends

At last, the grey skies and sub-zero temperatures have lifted–winter is behind us once again. It’s the perfect time to breathe a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe with the season’s top trends.

1. Embroidery

Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Trends | Embroidery
Instagram photo credit: @riamichelle

Year after year, botanical blooms make their way into our closets and bring us a beautiful bouquet of style–this year, they make an appearance as delicate floral embroideries, decorating our tops, dresses, and pants.

They even flourish all over our 9-to-5 cuts, bringing a playful feel to elevated dressing. From structured blazers to tailored piece –these smart cuts get a colourful makeover.

2. Ruffles

Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Trends | Ruffles
Instagram photo credit: @blankitinerary

Vintage-inspired and romantic, ruffles are making a comeback–not surprising since they add elegance and personality to the simplest pieces–a true work of art.

In addition to being oh-so stylish, ruffles add dimension & movement to your silhouette, which can be used to highlight certain areas.

For example: If you have a petite frame, use ruffles to accentuate a small chest or narrow shoulders. If you are a plus size, these lavish details will flatter all your best assets.

3. Pastel Palettes

Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Trends | Pastel Palettes
Instagram photo credit: @gabifresh

After a harsh cold-weather season, our wardrobe is finally coming back to life. Baby blues, canary yellows and soft pinks, reminiscent of spring’s awakening, are the go-to hues this month.

Easy-to-wear and feminine, this palette is re-energizing and fresh. Lighter shades cooling things down for the long-awaited warmer weather. Opt for an accent piece or go head-to-toe in this season trend.

4. Asymmetric Cuts

Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2018 | Asymmetric Cuts
Instagram photo credit: @katy.accurso

This season, asymmetric cuts are a must-have for a polished modern feel–diagonal lines, draped detailing, and cascading fabrics create movement, flattering the silhouette.

Laura & Melanie Lyne’s curated collection of asymmetric styles feature uneven hemlines and necklines, and daring cold-shoulder cutouts. Bold dresses and skirts take the lead when it comes to show-stopping style.

5. The Belt Bag (Fanny Pack)

Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Trends | Belt Bag (Fanny Pack)
Instagram photo credit: @lizaowen

Increasing in popularity in the ’90s, the belt bag AKA the “fanny pack” has always been at the receiving end of mixed reviews. But whether you hate it or love it, it’s here to stay.

For those of you who cringe at the very thought of this blast from the past, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief, since thankfully this reinvented classic doesn’t at all resemble this… or that.

Much to our surprise, the new and improved packs come in many different styles that pair perfectly with anything in your closet. We are convinced that Céline Dion’s Leather Belt Bag will persuade even the most skeptical fashionista.

Tell us about your favourite spring-summer trends–we want to know!


Adapted from French by Jonelle Larouche


Written by Jessica Paquin

Whenever anyone in Jessica’s entourage needs fashion advice, they go straight to her. As an active feminist, (fighting for women and not against men) Jessica is also known for being involved in her community. A self-proclaimed part-time geek, she’s an expert in dad jokes—a talent she was graced with through genetics—loves Japanese animated films, and is obsessed with adorable animal videos.

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