Summer Vacation Packing List

When it comes to packing, less is more. Whether you’re driving, flying or taking a train to your chosen vacation destination, a carry-on-sized luggage is always best. Can you imagine running through the busy streets of Paris to catch your next train, hauling a massive suitcase? Neither can I. So you ask, how do I fit a week’s worth of essentials into a tiny square bag? The answer is simple–by being organized.

First thing’s first, don’t waste precious space on toiletries. Fitting all of your beauty necessities into a 1L Ziploc bag can be a challenge, but taking advantage of the shampoo, body wash & body lotion provided by the hotel will help you get on the right track. For the rest of your beauty routine must-haves, use refillable travel-size jars and bottles. For clothing, versatility is key. Choose styles that are easy-to-wear and work for different occasions. Whether you are packing for a cottage getaway, a European escape, or some beachside R&R (speaking of which, have you read our post about our favourite destinations?), below are some of the key pieces you’ll need to pack efficiently.

A small bag
The first order of business is investing in a style that will give you more packing space. This trendy backpack is super convenient to hold all your favourite travel-day essentials: book, water bottle, trail mix, (…candy).

A light cardigan
You’re sitting on a plane, earphones in, about to start a movie but you just can’t seem to get comfortable. The AC is blasting and you are freezing! Thankfully, you packed your trusty lightweight knit. Not only is this piece your perfect travel-day companion, this versatile duster also has you covered for chilly evening strolls.

A piece to dress up or down
Have you ever longed for a dress that offers the comfort of your coziest lounging shirt? Well, your wish has finally come true. This style can be dressed up or down, and is universally flattering. From daytime cottage relaxing to dinner date by the ocean, kill two birds with one stone and always look your best.

A day dress
Do you love the floral trend as much as we do? This classic silhouette with a fresh, exotic print is perfect for holidays under the sun. Lightweight dresses cut from wrinkle-free fabric are also super easy to pack. It’s win, win!

A maxi dress
If you can peel yourself off your hammock long enough, a maxi dress will keep you looking fresh from nap to beach BBQ. You’ll be reaching for this long, flowing style all summer long. Accessorize it with bold jewellery for the perfect bohemian-inspired summer party look.

A sun hat
Sun damage is a real thing and we need to be extra cautious, especially during those hot summer months. UV rays can really do a number on your hair, scalp, eyes & skin. Along with sunscreen, wearing a wide brimmed sunhat will give you the additional protection you need from those harmful rays. Why not do it in style!

Capri pants
Pull-on capris will elevate even your most comfortable walking shoes. Cut from stretchy fabric, they are easy to wear & perfect for those busy sightseeing days. This effortless style will allow you to focus on taking in the beautiful scenery. At night, pair them with heels for a leg-lengthening effect. Ooh la la!

Tops & t-shirts
While some days are all about glamour, others are about keeping things simple: it’s called balance. Easily layered, these no-nonsense tops come in a few different colours. Why not pack one of each?

A jumpsuit
After a day of sun and sand, you won’t always feel like getting dolled up. And if you’ve already over-used the room service option–why not opt for a one & done–jumpsuits are a great alternative if you want a polished look without overthinking it.

One last packing tip before you get started. Don’t pack too many shoes. Pick two pairs that go with every outfit–one for comfort, one for style! Take it from a recovered over-packer.

Feel free to share some of your favourite packing tips!



Written by Jonelle Larouche

Jonelle’s love of life & thirst for knowledge makes it hard for her to limit herself to one interest. When she’s not blogging for Laura Canada, she’s writing a book, reading about psychology, singing, travelling to warmer climates, and indulging in Montreal’s diverse gastronomy. She prefers to maintain an active lifestyle – practicing yoga and running long distances – mainly to help her stimulate creativity and burn off the calories from all the delicious food she eats.

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