10 Reasons to Get Dressed This Fall

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Ah, fall. The season of transition that’s so often underappreciated! It’ll soon be time to put away your swimsuits, sandals and sundresses to make room for chunky knits, cozy scarves and warm coats. Even if you’re not the happiest about the new season starting, you’ll have to begin getting used to the idea of the heat slowly leaving us… So, what if you took this as an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe?

Here are 10 reasons to motivate you to create the most perfect fall look!


6. For Your Cozy Days
7. For Your Girls’ Nights
8. For Days With Your Little Ones
9. For Every Event on Your Schedule
10. For Your Autumn Days


1. For Your Plans With Friends, Think Denim

Season after season, denim is your #1 ally for all your outings with friends. Invited for brunch or having a chat over a steaming cup of coffee? Opt for pull-on jeans designed with just the right amount of stretch. Comfy, stylish and versatile, all you need to do is pair them with a colourful top. Meeting at a trendy restaurant for dinner? In this case, choose jeans embellished with rhinestones, crystals or embroidery for a chic and distinguished look. Just add on a signature blouse and your favourite pumps.

2. For Celebrating All Your Moments, Slide on Pull-On Pants

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style for your comfort! So, for all your big and little moments, opt for our ultra-comfortable pull-on pants. With their flattering fit and elastic waist, they’ll quickly become a wardrobe staple. Straight, wide or slim leg, we have a large range of designs and colours to suit any mood and occasion. Complete your look with a patterned tunic or top for a fun, festive outfit that will earn you lots of compliments.


3. For Your Daily Outings, a T-Shirt Is Your Best Friend

The t-shirt is the ultimate clothing item to put on to run your everyday errands. Comfortable, practical and always trendy, this timeless piece has a special place in our hearts. Whether solid or multicolour, you can slip it on under a jacket to brighten up your look. Available in bold prints and motifs, it’ll become the centerpiece of your look, a definite reflection of your mood and personality. Make sure you have a good variety of tees on hand to make getting dressed easier in the morning. You can never have too many!


4. For Your Family Gatherings, Slip on a Statement Jacket or Blazer

When we say fall, we mean family nature walks to admire the colours, apple picking and meals savoured on heated restaurant terraces. For all these occasions, you’ll do well to have a jacket or blazer that fits just right. For a more casual activity, opt for a denim jacket. Always on-trend, this layer can be styled an infinite amount of ways. For a dressier look, choose a faux leather model instead, adding an instant touch of elegance to your ensemble.


5. For Your End-of-Day Walks, Don a Coatigan

Going for a walk in the cool evening air is one of fall’s little pleasures. To enjoy this activity, put on a coatigan, a happy mix between a cardigan and a warm jacket. Often made with wool-like material, these unique pieces can be adorned with classic patterns, such as stripes or checks. To complete this look, grab a wool-blend scarf that’ll ensure you’re warm enough while you’re out and about.

10 Reasons to Get Dressed This Fall | Fashion | Laura Blog
Hooded Plaid Cardigan

6. For Your Cozy Days, Our Sweaters Are Here

With autumn’s arrival comes the fresh mornings when the sun is slower to rise. For those days when you just want to curl up in your favourite armchair, a book in one hand and a hot drink in the other, we have a great selection of sweaters, providing you with both comfort and style. From our relaxed knits to our more structured styles, go for the ones that speak to you most. Just pair them with comfy pants from our lounge collection.

10 Reasons to Get Dressed This Fall | Fashion | Laura Blog
Button Detail Sweater

7. For Your Girls’ Nights, Think Essential Tunics

Invited for an aperitif with friends? For a flawless look, opt for one of our elegant tunics. Between solid colours, florals, polka dots or stripes, the choice is yours. A top as comfortable as it is versatile, you’ll only need pull-on pants, a skirt or jeans to complete your outfit. And for the official finishing touches, elevate your look with some jewellery and light makeup. From there, you’ll be all set for a great night!


8. For Days With Your Little Ones, Slip Into a Chic Yet Comfortable Top

Every mom and grandmother will likely tell you, dressing stylish to spend the day with your little ones can be tricky. Kids run around and have fun and will likely have you moving all over the place! So, to make sure you have a good time, opt for a colourful, comfortable and simple top. Dare to wear vibrant colours and patterns, and prioritize soft and breathable fabrics.

10 Reasons to Get Dressed This Fall | Fashion | Laura Blog
Polka Dot Print Top

9. For Every Event on Your Schedule, Wear the Prettiest Dress

Whether you’re invited to a restaurant, the museum or for a cocktail with colleagues, a dress is absolutely essential. Feminine and comfortable to wear, it’ll ensure maximum sophistication in one single step. To highlight your silhouette, choose a wrap dress or one that’s belted at the waist. Or for a slightly more laid-back style, opt for a flowy dress that gives you room to breathe, yet falls impeccably. You can never go wrong with a classic little black dress, but for a bold touch, you might want to change it up and wear a bright colour or pattern.

10 Reasons to Get Dressed This Fall | Fashion | Laura Blog
Paisley Print Twist Detail Dress

10. For Your Autumn Days, Think Transitional Coats

Let yourself get swept away by fall colours and crisp autumnal air and don a transitional coat while you’re at it. From packable down jackets and raincoats to faux wools and wool blends, choose the outerwear that best suits your lifestyle and activities. Our wool coats are ideal for your walks in the city, while our down coats will gladly accompany you on your hikes and walks through the forest.

10 Reasons to Get Dressed This Fall | Fashion | Laura Blog
Stretch Faux Wool Cape

Have we managed to convince you that autumn isn’t just grey and gloomy? Welcome this season with optimism and an all-new wardrobe, and it might just surprise you! Because, as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather—only the wrong clothes. So, rethink your wardrobe and make the most of fall!

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What are your reasons to get dressed and refresh your wardrobe this fall? Let us know in the comments. It’s always so good to hear from you!

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding

Written by Marie-Eve Filteau

Marie-Eve has a passion for everything even slightly related to Scandinavian culture. If she were a city, it would be Copenhagen. She loves Italian pastries, pastel pink and the smell of eucalyptus. A true foodie, she never has enough recipe books nor room in her freezer, which she fills with all sorts of delicious dishes! Marie-Eve loves discovering new restaurants, or enjoying good take-out in the comfort of her own home (admittedly way easier when children are in the picture!). She loves quality clothing made locally, but most of all, she appreciates finding secondhand pieces that look brand-new!

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