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When spring-summer collections hit the runways in New York, Paris & Milan, all eyes are on the strutting models for the latest trends in the fashion world—and of course in the make-up world.

Often high-fashion make-up trends involve intricate designs & strategically placed rhinestones, but when we’re lucky, there are a few daring looks we’re bold enough to try at home. This week, we’ve compiled our favourite summer 2018 make-up trends you can confidently wear to an event, to the office & in your everyday life.

1. Au Natural
Sometimes you have to let your outfit speak for itself. This summer try playing down your make-up to let bold colours & prints on your clothing steal the attention. A no-make-up look will enhance your natural beauty while shining a spotlight on your stellar summer style choices.

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Get the Look
What you need: Lightweight foundation, bronzer, mascara, an angled make-up brush, an eyebrow brush or tinted brow gel.
Try Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation by Urban Decay.

• Apply an even layer of lightweight foundation.
• Use your angled make-up brush to contour your features with bronzer. Hit just beneath the cheekbones, around the top of your forehead  & down the sides of your nose.
• Brush eyebrows upwards & out with an eyebrow brush or tinted brow gel applicator.
• Apply your favourite mascara.

2. Orange is the New Red
A polished make-up look doesn’t mean wearing a red lip anymore. For a change in your make-up routine & a nice pop of colour, try an orange-toned lipstick or eyeshadow. To most people’s surprise, orange actually complements more skin tones than red does. All you have to do is find the shade that works for you.

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Get the Look
What you need: Warm-toned eyeshadow palette, fine angled make-up brush, blending brush.

Try the Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Coral by Huda Beauty.

  • With your blending brush, apply a light orange eyeshadow to your eyelids.
  • Use your fine angled make-up brush to line the outer-bottom rims of your eyes with a darker orange colour.
  • Apply the same dark orange colour to your upper eyelid creases with a fine brush.
  • Blend out the creases with your blending brush.

3. You’re Glowing
It’s easier than you think to mimic a natural summer glow even with a full face of make-up. So, meet your new favourite highlighting technique – strobing. Add shimmer to the parts of your face where the light would hit naturally while drawing attention to your best features.

Instagram Photo Credit: @lenkalul

Get the Look
What you need: A liquid highlighter or a powder highlighter, a fan brush or a sponge make-up blender.
Choosing to use a powder or a liquid highlighter depends on other make-up you use. If you prefer matte foundation & setting powder, opt for a powder highlighter. If you like to use a dewy foundation, use a liquid highlighter.
Try True Match Lumi Glow Amour by L’Oreal or Love Light by Too Faced.

• Apply powder product to your fan brush or liquid highlighter to a damp sponge make-up blender.
• Use product to highlight the highest point of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, your cupid’s bow & the highest point of your eyebrow bones.

4. Glossy Eye
This summer, try something completely outside the box. Instead of wearing a glossy finish on your lips, add a gleaming finish to your eyes. This street style trend can be as easily elevated, as it can be edgy. Wear it for a special occasion with a matte lipstick & your hair tied up elegantly.

Instagram Photo Credit: @justinemakeup
Photography: @hattiefionacreative

Get the Look
What you need: Eye primer or concealer, matte eyeshadow, blending brush, petroleum jelly or eye-safe gloss.

Try MAC-Studio-Eye-Gloss by MAC Cosmetics.

  • Apply eye primer or concealer over your entire eyelid.
  • With a blending brush, apply matte eyeshadow to your eyelids.
  • Pat petroleum jelly over your eyeshadow with your finger or apply eye-safe gloss with a fine brush.


Which look will you try first?


Written by Kylee Ross

When Kylee isn’t writing fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog posts for Laura Canada, she’s flipping through the glossy pages of fashion magazines and reading anything by Vanessa Friedman in The New York Times. She’s always up for travelling to new places or pretending to be a tourist in Montreal. Wherever she is, you’ll probably find her quoting Breakfast At Tiffany’s, drinking coffee with almond milk, and trying to solve all of her problems with coconut oil.

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