How to Wear this Season’s Most Daring Trend

How to Wear this Season’s Most Daring Trend
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Sequins, sparkles, metallics, oh my! While many of us spend most of the year shying away from glittery outfits, the holiday season often gives us the courage we need to infuse a glimmer of shine into our wardrobe. However, when it comes to dressing up for activities involving work, family and friends, it may be difficult to tell how much glitter is too much or too little. An overabundance of glistening fabrics and flashy details can come across as cliché – even garish. An insufficient amount of lustre can signify a lack of holiday cheer. The challenge is to find a harmonious middle ground.

Here are a few key pieces to help you find a stylish balance between too much glitz and just the right amount of glamour. So, all you’ll need to worry about at your next holiday party is wining, dining and dancing the night away.

Ready. Set. Shine.
If you’ve ever contemplated whether sequins are a statement of exaggerated glitz or simply a tasteful trim, you’re not alone. It’s OK to forego this glistening trend during the holidays but, if you’d like to adopt the look, you can rest assured that some of the most respected designers in the fashion industry continue to feature sequins in their couture collections.

You too can light up any event with show-stopping sequins that embody the art of embellishment. Don’t be afraid to go all out with a shimmering cocktail dress. If you prefer a more understated look, however, mix casual with glam by pairing a sequin top with an expertly tailored pant.

All that Glitters
Just like sequins, glitter is a holiday classic. These shimmering flakes have been around since ancient times, but they are still ubiquitous when it comes to occasion dressing.

In fact, a lively glitter design will get you through the holiday season seamlessly and may even come in handy later in the year. Embrace the holiday spirit with a hint of sparkle, and opt for a classic sheath silhouette or an impossibly chic wrap dress.

Precious Metals
Hollywood stars have been donning metallic dresses at high-profile events for years. Just this past March, powerful leading women, such as Gal Gadot and Lupita Nyong’o wore light-reflecting gowns to the 2018 Oscars.

This season, mirror the mood of the moment with high-impact shades of gold and silver. Whether you choose to rock a dress or a stylish pant and blouse ensemble, lustrous tones offer a subdued elegance that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

All in One
Tired of predictable party attire? Add a sultry jumpsuit or a sophisticated pantsuit into the mix. Celebrities, such as Amal Clooney, famously sport the trend, and so can you.

While everyone else is donning glitzy cocktail dresses and glistening floor-length gowns this season, make an unexpected statement in an alluring one-piece (or three-piece!) wonder. These leg-lengthening styles will allow you to get ready in a flash, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday festivities.

Hold It!
Whether you ultimately decide to slip into a classic party dress or a daring jumpsuit, nothing ties an outfit together like a glittering clutch. No matter what style you choose, a shimmering compact bag may be all you need for that extra touch of glamour.

Regardless of your outfit choice, have fun with your look and remember that the most important part of dressing for any event is staying true to your own sense of style. Go for designs that are comfortable, versatile and easy to wear. After all, you may decide to wear these pieces well beyond the holiday season.

Written by Sarah Sussman

Born and raised in the city of endless festivals and world-famous gastronomy, Sarah considers herself a true Montrealer. From the undeniably genius blend of squeaky cheese curds, fries and gravy to the breathtakingly beautiful European-inspired architecture, it’s easy for this city girl to find plenty to love in the place she is proud to call home. When she is not enjoying time with her family and seriously contemplating whether to order sushi or pizza while at home with her husband and kids, Sarah is likely pushing herself to the limit through intense boxing workouts and trying her very hardest not to jaywalk.

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