Make Your Fall Wardrobe Work for You

Make Your Fall Wardrobe Work for You
Credit: Laura Canada

Ready or not, fall is here. There’s really no denying it. The sun is rising later and setting earlier, the air is fresh and crisp, and bright autumn colours beautifully adorn the trees. So what does that mean for your closet? It means it just might be time for a wardrobe refresh!

Although the cooler air comes as a relief to most after this summer’s record-breaking heat, you’re not alone if the lower temperatures are causing you to hit that snooze button once, twice or even three times after your morning alarm clock goes off. And while waking up later might feel perfectly luxurious in the moment, a delayed start to your day only leaves less time to prepare for work and choose the perfect outfit. But don’t fret! All it takes are a few key wardrobe essentials to get you back on track and out the door in record time.

These must-have styles are sure to make your fall wardrobe quick and easy to manage.

A sweater to covet
One of the best things about sweater weather is the chance to feel cosy and look chic at the same time. Find a style you love in rich shades of plum or neutral greys and pair it with classic straight leg pants or leather leggings – for an edgier look.

The perfect layering piece
Fall is all about layering. Have fun with your fashion choices and layer a vibrant print over a basic camisole. Or complete your look with a dramatic floral print duster – a piece sure to draw double takes from your coworkers.

A wear-everywhere jacket
Polish off your outfit with a well-tailored jacket. Whether you opt for a structured or unstructured look, a style that keeps you warm, while flattering your silhouette, is the way to go. Dark blooms and military cuts are especially popular this season, so don’t be afraid to dress on trend.

A bold pant
Channel your inner fashionista and opt for a pant with a dramatic twist. There’s really no need to shy away from couture-like prints, which you can easily style with a classic solid-coloured blouse or tee. A more daring option, however, is to mix prints. The simplest way to achieve this look is to pair a soft pattern with a bold one, or to combine items with the same colour palette.

A hip-hugging pencil skirt
Treat yourself to a versatile pencil skirt that you can pair with just about anything. A relaxed jersey fabric or a Ponte de Roma knit is sure to offer the comfort and style of a wear-all-day piece.  Again, whether you opt for a solid colour with edgy detailing or a dark-base bloom, a pencil skirt will provide a polished finish to your overall look.

An office-to-drinks dress
Go from a day at the office to drinks with your coworkers in a sleek dress you can pair with a tailored cardigan or a structured blazer. You can even style your dress with an edgy moto jacket, for a more rocker-chic vibe.

Editing your wardrobe and creating a curated collection of pieces that reflect your personal style is a great way to refresh your look. A few new items in your closet might even give you the extra incentive you need to hit that snooze button only once, instead of two or three times, on those crisp fall mornings.

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Written by Sarah Sussman

Born and raised in the city of endless festivals and world-famous gastronomy, Sarah considers herself a true Montrealer. From the undeniably genius blend of squeaky cheese curds, fries and gravy to the breathtakingly beautiful European-inspired architecture, it’s easy for this city girl to find plenty to love in the place she is proud to call home. When she is not enjoying time with her family and seriously contemplating whether to order sushi or pizza while at home with her husband and kids, Sarah is likely pushing herself to the limit through intense boxing workouts and trying her very hardest not to jaywalk.

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