Being Petite, or 5 Tips & Tricks to Dress Your Best

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Let’s debunk the clichés right away: being petite isn’t just about height! Proportions have a big say and the difficulty lies in finding clothes that fall right, how they should. Body shapes also come into play when figuring out what looks best on you.

Thanks to the inspiring outfits and other little style secrets ahead, discover the power of being petite!



1. A Matter of Proportions
2. Complementing Your Body Type
3. The Art of Lengthening
4. A Little Optical Illusion
5. Monochrome or Motif?


1. A Matter of Proportions

Choosing clothes that fit you is a smart place to start. Good news: our Petites wardrobe, for women 5’4″ (162cm) and under, comes in sizes 2 to 16 or XS to XXL to flatter a wide range of body types. Casual, chic or professional, our styles are made to accommodate all kinds of situations in your everyday life.

What will you find? Jeans and trousers with a shorter crotch, sweaters with reduced sleeves, jackets with narrow shoulders, skirts and dresses with a higher hem… In summary, an array of well-proportioned pieces you can wear without needing alterations!

2. Complementing Your Body Type

Knowing your body type will help you find the style that suits you best. Are you petite and thin or petite and curvy? Do you have an hourglass (X) or triangle (A) figure? Balanced hips and shoulders? Pair a straight skirt with a structured jacket with a diagonal zip to create a wrap effect. Wide pelvis and narrow shoulders? Guide the eye upwards with empire waist dresses, or match a puffy blouse with straight leg pants. You get the principle – dress to highlight your body’s assets!

3. The Art of Lengthening

Being petite doesn’t define who you really are. But even if clothes don’t make the person, let yourself enjoy key pieces that elongate your silhouette. Just like slim leg pants and jeans, leggings – in vegan leather, according to the trend – are excellent allies. Short cuts are welcome as well, for both blazers and coats as well as skirts and dresses. Hence, a dress that reveals a good amount of leg certainly adds length. Complement with a jacket in matching tones, wear tights if the weather calls for it, and voilà!

4. A Little Optical Illusion

Emphasizing verticality creates a subtle effect of extra height. For example, a pencil skirt with a slit makes one look higher up (this also works with a slit detail or button-up dress!). When it comes to pants, a high waist is preferred. To stretch your figure, tuck in your top. This trick also reduces the contrast between the top and bottom if the colours are too sharp. Note that wearing shoes of the same shade as the lower part of your ensemble tends to make you “taller”.

5. Monochrome or Motif?

If you’re petite, monochrome is often your best friend. Dressing in one solid colour from head to toe visually lengthens your look. Wearing pieces of similar hues (jeans, a sweater and a poncho in shades of grey, for example) produces the same effect.

Have a penchant for prints? Ideally, go for small format patterns and vertical geometric motifs. For example, dare to don a colour-block leopard design which will accentuate your broad shoulders or fine-line diamonds that will call attention to the upper body.

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Ready to embrace being petite? Express your grandeur (of spirit) with styles that make you feel good about yourself… and share your comments below!

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding


Written by Fernanda Machado Gonçalves

What sparks Fernanda’s interest? Humans in all their dimensions, arts and culture included! It’s surely no coincidence that, from a very young age, she felt called to study foreign languages. Speaking the words of your neighbour, she says, is the respectful first step to making their acquaintance. The desire to better understand others and life pushes her to read a lot. Really a lot. Literature, yes, but also everything related to psychology, spirituality, the environment… Dance – her secret passion – helps her express her creativity through movement; a whole different kind of communication. Her favourite pas de deux: Samba de Gafieira (Portuguese also being an attraction!) and ballet.

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