5 Summer Activities & What to Wear for Them

Summer activities. Sunglasses on a sandy beach on a beautiful day.
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August is here, but the summer’s nowhere near over yet. There’s still plenty of time to make the most of sunny days and balmy weather, whether you choose to sip cocktails with friends or go on a roadtrip with family. All you really need is a plan of what to do and what to wear, and we’re here to help you with both of these things! Up next, 5 summer activities with some outfit inspiration for each one, so you can look as stylish as ever while you’re out and about.


Summer Activity #1: Picnic in the Park

Two people enjoying a beautiful picnic
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There’s nothing more fun than a picnic. Choose your park, maybe one with a scenic view, and pack all the essentials: a blanket, some beverages and a meal that’s simple but pretty to look at. A charcuterie board is a crowd favourite you can easily personalize to your taste. To get you started, we suggest crackers, cheeses, pâté and fresh fruit from your local farmer’s market.

As for outfits, bright colours and breathable flowy fabrics are our go-tos here. Especially if your picnic blanket is of a more neutral tone. A laid-back pop of colour is just what you need for this activity to be a hit.

What to Wear:

Summer Activity #2: Lunch on a Terrace

A half-empty terrace with set tables and chairs and some people in the background
Credit: Krisztina Papp / Unsplash

Now that we can re-indulge in the joy of restaurants, might as well take advantage as much as possible. Especially since it’s peak terrace season. Pick a spot in your area or roam around town to come across a hidden gem.

Outfit-wise, should you go classy chic to the max or modern and marvelous? The choice is all yours. Throw on the outfit that feels more you and don’t be shy to play around with the latest makeup trends, giving you that perfect glow under the sun.

What to Wear:

Summer Activity #3: Family Daytrip

Family of 3 by the water, close together
Credit: Elina Sazonova / Pexels

Taking the time to get away (even if you’re not going far) is always refreshing and rewarding. Plan out your day, pack your bags and head on out. From visiting neighbouring rural towns to exploring nature trails, you might be surprised by all that you can find to do nearby.

When it comes to dress, you’re going to want to be comfy for this one. Easy to move in and always ready to wear, go for a sleeveless top and Bermuda shorts. Pair them with either sneakers or sandals depending on the amount of walking you’re doing—and don’t forget your sunglasses!

What to Wear:

Summer Activity #4: Pool or Beach Day

Person wearing a sunhat lounging on the edge of the pool
Credit: Anna Demianenko / Unsplash

Put aside a sunny day where your toughest decision is pool or beach. After all, better enjoy making a splash while the weather’s still warm!

This sort of activity usually involves stripping down, but there are tasteful ways to dress that won’t feel awkward over your swimsuit. Slip on a loose-fitting dress or a sheer cover-up and shorts, at least until you get to your destination and lay down your towel, of course.

What to Wear:

Summer Activity #5: Backyard Barbecue

A backyard barbecue party with 2 hosts at the barbecue and guests in the background
Credit: Askar Abayev / Pexels

Finally, a beloved classic: the backyard BBQ. Because what’s better than having your favourite people over for good chats and yummy eats? (Maybe only going over to someone else’s backyard for them, haha.)

Here, you have many options but here’s our vision: a look that smoothly transitions from hot afternoon to fresh summer evening. Keeping it light and vibrant, we recommend monochrome layers or an airy top matched with your favourite denim.

What to Wear:

Regardless of what you choose to do with the rest of your summer, we have the styles you love for every event on the agenda. Just take a look for yourself.


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Which activity and outfit combo are you excited to try out this month? Any specific summer activities you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Erika Spedding

When it comes to fashion, as well as other aspects of life, Erika firmly believes that the rules were meant to be broken. Born and raised in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), she is a product of her city. A self-proclaimed writer and artist, she has always been drawn to the creative, dabbling in poetry, film photography, modelling, and more. She appreciates work that makes people feel something, loves a good self-care day, and will likely try to figure out your zodiac sign upon meeting you.

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