5 Makeup Trends to Try This Summer

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Picture this: you’ve gone out for brunch on a terrace with your friends and the summer heat is sweltering—and yet, your makeup is still intact and isn’t melting off! Sounds like a dream, right? Well, fortunately, this year’s summer has brought us the ultimate gift: embracing the natural look with minimal makeup! Gone are the days of cakey foundation and block brows. This summer is all about glow, glam, and gloss.

Here are 5 trends to try this summer to achieve that no makeup makeup look.

1. Face Au Naturel 

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Embrace your natural beauty by opting for a dewy and fresh makeup look. By using tinted moisturizer and hydrating concealer instead of heavy foundation, you’ll get lightweight coverage that’ll leave your skin with the right amount of shine. Or, simply add a dewy setting spray to your makeup routine for the same effect. By adding a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones and nose, you’ll achieve a glowy, natural look in just a few minutes.

We can’t forget the most important part of any makeup routine: sunscreen. By applying the right amount of SPF before beginning your makeup application, you’ll save yourself the trouble of dealing with harsh skin. Of course, the right SPF combined with the right skincare routine can also help. Tinted sunscreens are also trending this summer as they’ll definitely make your application smoother.

2. Colourful Cheeks

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Who said blush is boring? No one, ever. This summer explore the colours of the blush rainbow! From vibrant coral to soft peach, your use of blush can emphasize the natural fullness of your face. Cream blushes are also a summer trend, as they melt into your skin easily and leave a natural finish. With just a few dabs of blush, you can highlight the apples of your cheeks or elongate your face. Or, if you want a sun-kissed look (without the harsh sunburn), apply some colour across your nose and on the innermost part of your cheeks.

3. Bright & Bold Liner

Close up of eye with graphic makeup
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While this summer is all about the natural effect, graphic and vibrant eye makeup is a great way to add a pop of contrast to your look. This season’s trends encourage us to try our hand at graphic shapes and colourful lines. Start by priming your lids and transform your regular cat-eye into a graphic one by drawing different shapes, exploring floating creases, and using colourful eyeliner. The main goal is to have fun and explore your artistic abilities in the form of eye makeup!

Or, if you’re aiming for a more classic and subtle look, try adding brown feline flicks to your regular cat eye. Simply use an angled brush with brown eyeshadow to create a winged liner. Blur it out slightly to create a smokey and alluring look.

4. Feather Eyebrows

Woman with makeup
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No more adding excessive amounts of pomade to your brows. This year’s trends focus on the natural look, and what’s more natural than your natural eyebrows? By using clear brow gel, you can brush stray hairs in place and embrace your natural arches. If you’d like to, fill in sparse areas lightly with a brow pencil to finish your look. A modern take is to use a bar of glycerin soap with setting spray and apply the product to your brows with a brush for a feathery and abstract look.

5. Lavish Lips

Close up of lips with lip gloss application
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And finally, to tie your look together, add colour to your lips in the form of a beautiful gloss. Explore neutral cream colours for a natural shine, or if you’re looking for a pop of colour, try colours like peach, coral, and orange—perfect for the summer weather. If you’re not a fan of gloss, try a lip product with a satin finish instead! With the right combination of shine and colour, you’ll complete your natural and dewy summer makeup look.

So, there you have it! These 5 summer makeup trends let us embrace our natural beauty while encouraging us to explore our creativity and boldness. While we hope these trends are long-lasting (like our lip gloss), we wonder if they’ll continue post-summer. Do you think we’ll be seeing them around? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Sania Malik

Sania is passionate about all things social justice, sushi, and self-care. With a background in journalism and human rights studies from Concordia University, Sania is interested in learning about systemic inequalities and the law. When she isn’t reading a thriller novel or trying her hand at creative writing, you can find her at a kickboxing gym or a coffee shop in Montréal, pretending to enjoy a bitter Americano when all she truly wants is an overly sweet Frappuccino.

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