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  • 4 Swimsuit Trends to Try This Summer| Fashion | Laura Blog

    4 Swimsuits to Wear This Summer

    Summer is just around the corner. Soon enough, you’ll be lying on the beach, cocktail in hand, enjoying the feel of the sun on your skin. This upcoming season, put aside your old swimsuits and opt for our new styles – swimwear you’ll be sure to shine in as you make the most of every […]

  • 5 Comforting Desserts to Enjoy This Winter

    5 Comforting Desserts to Enjoy This Winter

    Winter’s in full swing with its chilly weather and shorter, greyer days. Sometimes, during this season, it’s a little harder to keep your spirits up. That’s why we’ve rounded up five comforting dessert recipes that are sure to put a smile on your face!