6 Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy on Sunny Days

Credit: Jordan Nix/ Unsplash

Ready for some more sunshine? We know we are. And we’ve got the perfect cocktails for you to make and enjoy during your next (informal) happy hour. Whether it’s in your backyard, on your balcony or in the brightest corner of your apartment, get comfy and get ready to hear the lovely melody of ice cubes being poured into a glass.

If you’re a fan of refreshing beverages, alcoholic or not, this selection was made for you! These cocktails have been tested and given our stamp of approval. Without further ado, it’s time to chill your glasses and prepare your ice.

1. Limoncello Cocktail: An Italian Delight

Credit: Emily & Nathan/ Inside the rustic kitchen

Limoncello is a specialty lemon liqueur from Italy that’s often overlooked. Looking to try something new? Do yourself a favour and treat your taste buds to a delicious citrus edge that’s neither too acidic or bitter. This recipe suggests mixing limoncello with sparkling lemon soda and prosecco for a light, bubbly and summery drink. Top it off with lemon garnish and it’s good to go.

2. Mojito Mocktail: A Non-Alcoholic Classic

Credit: Sarah / Sustainable Cook

Mint and lemon are a duo left unmatched. Two exquisite, refreshing flavours that blend together marvelously. Now’s your chance to rediscover them in this non-alcoholic classic. Reminiscent of lemonade, it will quickly quench your thirst, hitting the spot. Feel free to play around with the ingredients of this mocktail to make it your own!

3. Bellini Cocktail: A Fruity Refreshment

Credit: Kate/ Cookie and Kate

A real pleasure to drink, we love garnishing this beverage with fresh raspberries and slices of lime. Made entirely of peaches and prosecco, you won’t be able to resist the bellini’s fun, fruity appeal. For an even more original aroma, you can always add in a basil leaf or a sprig of rosemary as a special finishing touch.

4. Rainbow Mocktail: Fun for Everyone

Credit: Ash Hammond/ Flickr

Here’s a drink that’s as beautiful as it is tasty! Best part? It’s fun for the whole family and it’s extra easy to prepare. All you’ll need is a couple of beverages and some blue food colouring. Trade in the plain juice and soda and start stacking your colours in whichever way you’d like. Good time guaranteed, no alcohol involved.

5. Negroni Martini: A Distinguished Drink

Credit: Nuff/ Unsplash

Enjoy this strong, traditional libation as you sit in a leather armchair, glass in hand, ready to make your next move in a game of chess. (That’s what we picture someone would do anyway.) Go ahead and replace the Martini with any vermouth or opt for a flavoured gin for a subtle twist.

6. Aperol Spritz: A Taste of Venice

Credit: Kate/ Cookie and Kate

It’s been a few years now that we’ve seen the lively orange of a Spritz on every terrace in Europe and around the world. This Venetian drink is simply divine and we can’t emphasize this enough! We love its lightness and its bittersweet orange taste. A definite must-have this spring-summer season.

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Which cocktails are your favourites? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding

Written by Léa Lonval

Originally from the south of France, Léa has been living in Montreal for a little over a year. She is fond of literature, drawing and the performing arts, and for her, America (with a capital "A") is a major source of inspiration. Her biggest dream? Only to write an opera one day! Lover of the Mediterranean, her true passions are strolling along scorching beaches and swimming in the sea. She draws most of her fashion inspiration from cinema and the 1960s.

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