How to Be a Good Host with Easy Winter Cocktails

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Hosting family and friends this season? What better opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of welcoming guests into your home. For the cocktail lover, a well-planned drink is a considerate gesture they’ll be sure to notice and appreciate. Putting time into details like flavour selection, garnish, and glass type will let them know you’ve thought of them before they even arrived.

We’ve rounded up a list of soothing winter recipes to get you started. The best part? You don’t need to be an expert! Make them as they are or add your own twist. Dust off your best glasses and get mixing!


1. For a Cozy Night In
2. Fancy Dinner
3. Snowy Morning Brunch

1. For a Cozy Night In

Hot Toddy

Let’s start things off simple with a winter classic that can be adjusted for small or big batches. Like its name, the hot toddy is served hot with whiskey and a few ingredients you may already have lying around your kitchen cupboard. The warm glass and lemon juice base will have your guests feeling comfortable and hydrated. They don’t like citrus, you say? No problem. Just replace the lemon with their favourite tea. The simplicity of this recipe is the best part for easy customization!

Almost a Collins

If your guests enjoy fruity drinks and you really want to impress them, the “almost a collins” switches out lemon juice for blood orange soda. This sweeter variation uses vodka, ideal for cozy night catch-ups on chilly winter days.

2. Fancy Dinner


Perfect for the tail end of the holiday season is the snowball. This drink will look great in any glass and can be a little more involved if you decide to make it yourself from scratch. With a touch of whisking, you can add a bit of lush foam to the top for an extra special treat. All you need is a couple cherries to top off your fancy soirée.

Pomegranate Martini

If you want something fancy but easier to make, you’ll only need four ingredients to make a pomegranate martini. This cocktail has a sophisticated look with simple components that will still feel fun and laid-back. When you’re done, just pick your favourite 007 and make it a movie night.

3. Snowy Morning Brunch

Bloody Mary

Sleep in late after a long night? Or maybe you’re hosting brunch? The bloody mary is a recognizable favourite whose savoury profile is perfect for snowed-in mornings. Made with hearty tomato juice, this filling classic would go great with any late-morning meal.

Long Island Iced Coffee

Why not kickstart the day with an invigorating coffee-based cocktail? For guests who already appreciate cold coffee (or can’t go without it), this is a no-brainer!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to take a few moments to consider your guest’s experience. No matter what you make, a little personalization will leave them with fond memories of their stay.



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