5 Ways to Treat Yourself for Mother’s Day

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Every mother figure will tell you: being a mom is the hardest but most beautiful and rewarding job in the world. Still, it’s easy to lose track of yourself in the whirlwind of it all! So, what if this Mother’s Day you had a little more me time?

Here are a few suggestions on how to take a step back from everything and reconnect with yourself. Moms everywhere, beware—you might just love it!

1. Allow Yourself to Sleep In

Start your day on the right foot by turning off your alarm clock, putting your phone on silent, and snoozing a little extra. You deserve it! Just make sure to let your partner and kids know that you’ll be sleeping in. This day is the perfect occasion to catch up on some much-needed rest. After all, it’s good to treat yourself from time to time!

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2. Let Your Family Cook for You

This Mother’s Day, leave the kitchen behind. Let your family spoil you by planning and preparing something special. You may even like to indulge in the luxury of ready-to-cook meal kits like Cook It. Equipped with simple-to-follow recipes and all the ingredients, your family will have no problems prepping a delicious, healthy meal. All you’ll need to do is lay back on the couch and let the yummy scents from the kitchen open up your appetite!

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3. Rejuvenate in Nature

On this special day, slow down your rhythm with a leisurely nature walk, either alone or with family. It’s whatever you prefer! Spending time in nature is proven to reduce anxiety and stress, and it’s good for your morale too. Plus, nature walks stimulate the immune system and are a great opportunity to burn some calories. Even if you live in the city, there are many parks and green spaces to enjoy. Go for it, awaken your senses and allow yourself to unwind. Try it out, and it just may become a habit!

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4. Go Shopping (Online or Not!)

Due to the pandemic, many of us have developed an online shopping hobby. And let’s face it, buying new clothes is one of life’s little pleasures! For Mother’s Day, get yourself that pretty dress you’ve been eyeing, or that feminine top that would pair amazingly with your favourite jeans! Get comfy, get set, and check out Laura’s new arrivals. Let yourself be swept away by our flattering cuts and contemporary designs—no need to hold back!

5. Bring Home the Spa Feel

End the day in style. Create an ambience worthy of your favourite spa right in your own bathroom! Pick up some candles from the company Dimanche Matin, light them, and let their sweet scent waft around you. Run yourself a bath and sprinkle Maison Lavande’s Milk bath powder in the water. Highly moisturizing, this product will give your skin a silky look and feel. Play your favourite songs, grab a novel or magazine, and enjoy! Best way to finish off your relaxation time? Some body care products by Bkind, a natural beauty brand from Quebec with the utmost respect for the environment.

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Last but not least, put off anything that can be done tomorrow. After all, today is all about you, and all moms deserve the best! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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What will you treat yourself to this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding

Written by Marie-Eve Filteau

Marie-Eve has a passion for everything even slightly related to Scandinavian culture. If she were a city, it would be Copenhagen. She loves Italian pastries, pastel pink and the smell of eucalyptus. A true foodie, she never has enough recipe books nor room in her freezer, which she fills with all sorts of delicious dishes! Marie-Eve loves discovering new restaurants, or enjoying good take-out in the comfort of her own home (admittedly way easier when children are in the picture!). She loves quality clothing made locally, but most of all, she appreciates finding secondhand pieces that look brand-new!


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