Our Favourite Spring Colours and Patterns

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With the harshest part of winter behind us, the vibrance of spring is finally on the horizon. Still bundled up in our coats, we’re dreaming of picnics in the forest and the sunshine. When it comes to fashion, we can’t wait for the twirly dresses and light blouses we’ll be wearing this summer. As you know, the beautiful seasons are accompanied by cheerful colours and fresh patterns. Let’s find out what colours and patterns we’re excited about here at Laura!


Is it possible to get enough of this timeless print? For centuries, floral patterns have been reinvented and integrated into all kinds of fabrics. From liberty prints to psychedelic flowers of the 60s, from tropical flowers to romantic roses, flowers always have a place in women’s wardrobes. For us, it truly is the star of spring fashion.


Lilac is one of the ultimate spring hues. This year we saw it appear in so many ways, from eye makeup to hair and nails. Fashion is also making inspiring and original use of this bold colour.


Polka Dots

Polka dots will always have a vintage flavor. An iconic pattern of the 40’s and 50’s, it’s been a key part of fashion history for decades. This year, it’s taking over our wardrobe to beautiful effect. You can fully immerse yourself in the top-to-toe polka dot look with a dress, or add polka dots in small touches, with a scarf for example.



Some might tell you that it’s a colour to avoid, others that it goes with absolutely nothing. For us it’s a flagship colour of spring, a ray of sunshine that pierces the gray. For a look that pops, pair a yellow piece with another bright colour or pattern. For a more neutral look, navy blue will offer the perfect pairing.


This very well may be the most refreshing colour there is. A true ode to joy, it can instantly flatter the complexion. From fuchsia to pastel, pink comes in countless forms and is always beautifully delicate.

Abstract Prints

Contemporary art lovers and artists, these patterns are for you! Often bold and colourful, they make us think of a fiery painting. We love them for the countless shapes they can take. Pair an abstract print style with a plain, neutral-coloured garment.


A versatile pattern for all seasons! Horizontal or vertical, thick or thin, they exude so much style with effortless ease. In spring, we love to adopt a delightful sailor-style look with jeans and loafers. In the evening, we take the look further with coordinated stripes and a coat.


How about you? What are your must-have colours and prints for this wonderful season? Let us know in the comments!

Adapted from French by David Harris


Written by Léa Lonval

Originally from the south of France, Léa has been living in Montreal for a little over a year. She is fond of literature, drawing and the performing arts, and for her, America (with a capital "A") is a major source of inspiration. Her biggest dream? Only to write an opera one day! Lover of the Mediterranean, her true passions are strolling along scorching beaches and swimming in the sea. She draws most of her fashion inspiration from cinema and the 1960s.

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