Colours & Textures to Wear This Spring

Spring Tulips
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A new season is upon us! With longer, lighter days and a bright new feel ahead, a change of seasons calls for a wardrobe refresh. Our newest styles are special, in that you can easily pair them with pieces you already own — making your wardrobe extra easy and extra stylish. After the holidays, we’re all about exciting colours, ageless prints, and versatile pieces that you can coordinate effortlessly. Let’s get started!

1. Twice as Nice: Two-Tone & Colour-Block Designs 

A great way to start the new season is with two-tone prints! They’re simple, yet work as statement pieces on their own by offering endless charm. You can elevate any look by opting for a two-tone top like this one! Easy to wear and always trending, two-tone designs are perfect for the wardrobe update you’re searching for. They’re the perfect blend of familiar style with a touch of newness. Or opt for a colour-block top that’ll pair effortlessly with slim leg jeans that you already own!

2. Ageless & Feminine Prints

The word “refresh” is spot on when it comes to revamping this season’s wardrobe. Our latest prints are all about feminine, fun, and lighthearted style. From soothing florals to pretty polka dots, these prints are modern and magnificent, guaranteed to make you feel and look good. For easy styling, take this top, for example. Complete the look with your go-to straight leg pants for a bright new look that won’t take much effort!

3. Stunning Solids

While prints are definitely trending this season, we’re bringing it back to the basics when it comes to our simple yet stunning solid-coloured designs. Our colour palettes are exquisite, featuring everything from light hues of pink to stunning shades of orange. We’re especially loving fresh green this season. Or if you’re searching for something more familiar, our neutral tones offer simple unparalleled style. Essentially, our colour palettes are unique by themselves and work perfectly with or without embellishments.

4. Trending Textures

Let’s talk about knits. And jacquard. And crotchet. And…well, we can go on! From super soft fabrics to lightweight textured knits, our new-season styles feature just that and more. Our textured pieces are anything but boring, with pretty button designs, golden details, and the perfect touch of something special. For a final layer to your look, opt for one of our cardigans that use a crotchet stitch to create cozy style. Or if you’re searching for touch of metallic charm, opt for our jacquard knit sweater that’ll leave you feeling as comfy as you are chic. When it comes to soft dressing, look no further than our heathered rib knit top for all things effortless. Our faux-suede jackets are definitely much-needed this season for a smooth and sublime outfit.

5. Blue Hues & Ravishing Red

When it comes to colours this season, two of the strongest players are red and blue. With red, you get a flash of feminine styling with never-ending appeal. With blue, you get cool, collected, and ultra-chic styling, made to last a lifetime. For a professional look, you can’t go wrong with our staple-worthy red blazer. Or if you seek casual comfort, opt for our Ottoman striped top in ravishing red. Going out for a night of fabulous fun? Our red halter neck dress is definitely going to be your go-to. When it comes to blue, you’re in for a special treat. Our shades feature everything from sky blue to deep ocean hues. And, for something in between, choose our lovely blue textured top.

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So, there you have it! Get ready for a season filled with fresh prints, easy feminine styling, splashes of stunning colours and unbelievable textures. Which trend are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you.

Written by Sania Malik

Sania is passionate about all things social justice, sushi, and self-care. With a background in journalism and human rights studies from Concordia University, Sania is interested in learning about systemic inequalities and the law. When she isn’t reading a thriller novel or trying her hand at creative writing, you can find her at a kickboxing gym or a coffee shop in Montréal, pretending to enjoy a bitter Americano when all she truly wants is an overly sweet Frappuccino.

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