Flaurapy: Soothe Your Senses with Floral Prints

Flaurapy: Soothe Your Senses with spring Flowers
Credit: Laura Canada

The power flowers have over our senses isn’t a myth. We’ve all had a change of mood at the sight of a flourishing garden or after smelling the sweet scent of a rose. By influencing our psyche, flowers have the ability to improve our well-being, almost like magic. Studies, like floritherapy and aromachology, have proven their positive impact on the emotional health of women in particular.

Flaurapy – our in-house floral therapy – invites you to celebrate spring with a bunch of blossoming styles. Let flowers, and all the good they bring, soothe your daily life and revitalize your looks!



1. In Full Bloom
2. “Blue Flower” State of Mind
3. Contrast Picks
4. Printed & Embroidered Motifs
5. Contemporary Bouquets

1. In Full Bloom

Just like a flower, a woman blooms and has her own personal fragrance expressed in her way of being and style. Boldness and authenticity are her buzzwords. Recognize yourself? Dare to wear unfurling floral motifs. A fluid blouse covered in peonies will immediately create a feeling of lightness. Besides denim, you can wear it with our Signature fit pants. Instill a little springtime cheer and let yourself be charmed by a rosy top or two.

With the arrival of sunny days, note that many of our dresses and swimsuits also adopt a floral edge to give you an early taste of vacation!

2. “Blue Flower” State of Mind

Bluish flowers exude a soft sense of calm. Does the day ahead seem stressful? Bet on pieces with delicate floral prints to gently ease your tension. For example, an understated pleated sleeve blouse will pair well with your favourite jeans or pastel pants. A shirt dress in forget-me-not blue will also have a relaxing effect.

A popular spring trend, our white jeans with pastel flowers will accentuate the laid-back state you’re looking for. You can wear them with a serene lilac or lavender top or with a matching jacket for a soothing look from head to toe.

3. Contrast Picks

Colourful and aromatic, flowers evoke pleasure. Is it a coincidence that making bouquets helps you stay zen? Creating a wardrobe with the right flowery contrasts is just as pleasant. With timeless black as a backdrop, there’s added depth to this hibiscus flower tee or the pretty modern top below. Combine either with black trousers and spice up your look with our poppy red blazer.

Even our ball gowns feature flowers in all their splendour. It’s said their mood-lifting quality could facilitate social interaction… Just enough to boost the confidence of future prom queens ready to celebrate the end of high school in ultimate spring style!

4. Printed & Embroidered Motifs

Like clematis climbing a trellis, flowers pop up where you least expect them. Applied to jeans, they immediately add a floral touch to a classic casual look. For a comfy yet trendy outfit, pair them with a top in a key colour of the new season.

Have an upcoming wedding or party? Lace always has a place at these kinds of festivities. Whether you’re the mother of the bride or the guest of honour, you deserve your style to blossom. Opt for a dress and cardigan set with embroidered flowers, add jewellery, and voilà!

5. Contemporary Bouquets

Do you like slightly eccentric and original bouquets? Combine your rock ‘n’ roll and romantic sides with a tee mixing roses and rhinestones, perfect when you’re in work-from-home mode. To keep your spirits up, you can slip on velour floral appliqué jeans. Otherwise, a watercolour-style floral blouse will satisfy the artist in you all while being suitable for both the office and your evening cocktail hour.

Do you prefer a neutral or monochromatic outfit? Flower it up with a rustic scarf. Come the weekend, a floral top matched with capris and a denim jacket with embroidered details will be sure to awaken your sense of style.

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Now it’s up to you to snag your favourite floral styles… What does spring inspire in you? What are you looking forward to? Share your comments below!

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding

Written by Fernanda Machado Gonçalves

What sparks Fernanda’s interest? Humans in all their dimensions, arts and culture included! It’s surely no coincidence that, from a very young age, she felt called to study foreign languages. Speaking the words of your neighbour, she says, is the respectful first step to making their acquaintance. The desire to better understand others and life pushes her to read a lot. Really a lot. Literature, yes, but also everything related to psychology, spirituality, the environment… Dance – her secret passion – helps her express her creativity through movement; a whole different kind of communication. Her favourite pas de deux: Samba de Gafieira (Portuguese also being an attraction!) and ballet.

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