What to Wear to a Wedding

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There is one golden rule to follow at a wedding: Don’t overshadow the bride with your fashion choices. From members of the wedding party to honoured guests, everyone should put thought into what they’re going to wear. The task can be puzzling but don’t fret, we have a selection of occasion wear designed to outfit the entire crowd.

Whether you’re an invited guest, bridesmaid or even the one saying “I do,” you will need an ensemble to match your role. The invitation will help you decipher the dress code and guide you through choosing an outfit. Keep the instructions in mind as you read our tips for finding the perfect look to celebrate the special day.

Dresses for Every Role

1. Wedding Guest

You’re invited to witness the union of two people dear to your heart. Without eclipsing the blushing bride, there are options for guests who want to stand out at the reception. A fitted dress with flowing fabric and a belted waist is suitable for indoor and outdoor weddings—and makes a statement. Go for a number with charming florals and get ready to catch the bouquet.

2. Mother of the Bride or Groom

Your child is getting ready to marry the love of their life and we’re guessing it’s going to be a magical day for you too. While being there for your son or daughter and offering any support they may need, wear a dress that matches the procession yet distinguishes you from the bridesmaids. Try a poncho dress or an outfit that includes a jacket.

3. Maid of Honour

The bride chose you to stand by her side as she exchanges her vows, so it’s important that your dress meets her expectations. It’s customary for bridesmaids to wear the same hue, but an alternative is to play with colour gradient or identical accessories instead. When in doubt, there’s nothing like rhinestones to add glamour.

4. Bride

Among the steps for planning a wedding, looking for a pristine white dress is the most exciting part of the process. Since all eyes will be on you when walking down the aisle, your dress selection should make you feel beautiful. Do you envision the dress of your dreams as classic and refined? Walk towards your soul mate in a lace embellished maxi dress or a shorter style perfect for an intimate ceremony.

Final Touches

An outfit isn’t complete without accessories. The only thing you want to avoid is over accessorizing. Save statement necklaces for simple ensembles, and pair almost any dress with earrings that won’t distract from your garment.

Finally, make sure to have a clutch to carry extra make-up and tissues and complement your look. It will be a lifesaver when you need to freshen your face after tearing up during the speeches and first dance. It’s best to be prepared for the event that promises to be rich with emotion.

Accessories - Sequin Box Clutch - Laura

Sequin Box Clutch

Accessories - Crystal Teardrop Necklace - Laura

Crystal Teardrop Necklace

Accessories - Pleated Flapover Clutch - Laura

Pleated Flapover Clutch

Accessories - Crystal Cluster Dangle Earrings - Laura

Crystal Cluster Dangle Earrings

Accessories - Satin Envelope Clutch - Laura

Satin Envelope Clutch

Accessories - Crystal Bib Necklace - Laura

Crystal Bib Necklace

Accessories - Glitter Evening Clutch - Laura

Glitter Evening Clutch

Accessories - Crystal Dangle Earrings - Laura

Crystal Dangle Earrings

Which dress will you choose for your (next) wedding?

Adapted from French by Kylee Ross

Written by Jessica Paquin

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