5 Styles That Are Defining 2020 Prom Dresses

5 Styles That Are Defining 2020 Prom Dresses - Insider - Laura Blog
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Prom is just around the corner, and there’s a lot of excitement in the air. With a night this iconic, expectations can be high and there are plenty of preparations to be made. If you’re helping a prom-goer get ready for her big night, you probably know what the most important step is: choosing a prom dress.

There are more prom dress styles available today than ever, so you have plenty to choose from. So many, in fact, that it can help to get a sense of the key styles and design elements that are particularly worth paying attention to this year. So, without further ado, let’s explore 5 styles that are defining 2020 prom dresses!


A young woman wearing a glittery metallic ball gown prom dress.
Metallic Glitter Ball Gown
Laura Petites

Glitter & Glamour

Prom is every young woman’s chance to highlight the most sparkling aspects of her personality. This is probably why many 2020 prom dresses are flaunting glamorous materials and embellishments. From glitter, sequins, and rhinestones to metallic fabrics and satin, there’s never been a better time for prom-goers to shine bright with a fun and flashy look.


A young woman wearing a floral print ball gown prom dress.
Strapless Floral Ball Gown

Fabulous Floral

What goes hand-in-hand with prom? Springtime, of course! When it comes to prom dresses this year, expect to see more rich and vibrant floral features than ever. It’s the time for tumbling rose prints, blooming embroidery, and spring-inspired lace patterns. A dress like this is the perfect fit for those with bright, festive energy and a love for the beauty of nature.


A young woman wearing a ball gown prom dress with glitter, sequins, and floral lace patterns.
Cachet – Floral Glitter Ball Gown
Melanie Lyne

Exquisite Elegance

Sometimes it’s fun to just go all out. I mean, this is prom, isn’t it? For many young women, this year’s dresses are defined by total opulence and lavish style. Whether it’s the ornate look of lace, the wavy richness of ruffled and flounced skirts, the starlet appeal of high slits, or the classic ball gown silhouette with lots of volume, there are countless ways to indulge!


A young woman wearing a prom dress with a jersey bodice and satin skirt.
Sleeveless Jersey & Satin Dress
Laura Plus

Sweet Simplicity

On the other hand, maybe she prefers a dress that isn’t too flashy, but makes her feel gorgeous and in her element nonetheless. The strength of a two-tone jersey and satin dress, for example, lies in its flattering silhouette and stylish contrast. Prom dresses today have plenty to offer for those who are more about the subtle details and simple pleasures.


A young woman wearing a V-neck satin prom dress with pockets.
V-Neck Mesh Insert Dress
Melanie Lyne

Perfect Practicality

Ah yes, the timeless challenge of wearing a prom dress while also having stuff to carry around all night. Even if she has a stylish clutch to accompany her dress, that may not be quite enough when she wants to dance the night away. Thankfully, there are plenty of 2020 prom dresses to consider whose beauty is matched with the practicality of hidden pockets.

What prom dress styles stand out to you this year? Let us know in the comments!

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