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Summer is peak wedding season. Other than the privilege of witnessing the union of two people in love, a wedding is an opportunity to look beautiful in a stunning outfit that rises to the occasion and fits you just right. Whether you’re the mother of the bride (or groom), maid of honour or guest, and whether you attend the ceremony, rehearsal or bridal shower, we have some fashion inspiration for you so that you’re happy on the big day.

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1. Mom’s Got Style!
2. The Ladies of Honour
3. An Oh-So-Pretty Guest
4. Chic Jumpsuits
5. Before the Wedding


1. Mom’s Got Style!

That’s it—you’re ready to play your role as mother of the bride! If there’s a dress code, follow it! Otherwise, consider the time of the wedding and think elegance. For a daytime ceremony, a midi dress, poncho dress, or matching cocktail-style ensemble work marvelously.

For an evening affair, opt for a maxi dress with bead or ruffle details. To shine without overshadowing the bride, wear something embellished with sequins or a metallic dress with a wrap-over effect that’s sure to flatter your curves. Select your shoes to go with the look—we recommend a comfy pair.

2. The Ladies of Honour

Unless the bride imposes a strict dress code for her bridesmaids, trust yourself! What style do you like? As a starting point, get inspired by prom dresses. Stay trendy with the shade of 2022 and choose a periwinkle blue dress. Here, the billowy skirt and sequined bodice bring a flowy yet glamorous feel.

Some say to avoid black for a festive event like a wedding. If you’re afraid of wearing an outfit that’s too dark and serious, why not set your sights on an iconic contrast look? This tuxedo-style dress combines a structured neckline and an ultra-feminine cascade of ruffles.

3. An Oh-So-Pretty Guest

If you’re hesitant about what to wear, the theme of the wedding can help guide your choice. For example, in a countryside setting, go for a floral print or floral detail dress. For an exotic destination, a well-accessorized tropical motif dress is perfect. Is the wedding going to be a little retro? Try a dress with polka dots or eyelets.

For an extra fancy wedding, choose a dress with a refined style, short or long according to your preference and depending on the dress code. If you’d like, complete your look with a bolero or sculpt your silhouette with shapewear.

4. Chic Jumpsuits

Don’t feel very comfortable in a dress? Opt for a one-piece jumpsuit that is both simple and distinguished, like this shiny metallic style, featuring an asymmetrical bodice and bare-shoulder design. Add an evening clutch, and voilà! Otherwise, other options are available to you, like a three-piece set combining a bead detail top, wide-leg pants and a flowing chiffon jacket.

5. Before the Wedding

Planning a dress rehearsal? You may want to wear a white dress or jumpsuit, but, of course, colour is welcome as well. If it’s a less formal pre-wedding dinner with family and friends, a casual dress works great. A bachelorette party is planned to celebrate the future bride? Whether you’re the organizer or a guest, we have the daytime or evening outfits you need to have fun, all while showing off your style.

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Have a wedding coming up? If so, we’re sure you’re excited to celebrate love in the most gorgeous outfit. What are you thinking of wearing? Share with us in the comments below.


Adapted from French by Erika Spedding

Written by Fernanda Machado Gonçalves

What sparks Fernanda’s interest? Humans in all their dimensions, arts and culture included! It’s surely no coincidence that, from a very young age, she felt called to study foreign languages. Speaking the words of your neighbour, she says, is the respectful first step to making their acquaintance. The desire to better understand others and life pushes her to read a lot. Really a lot. Literature, yes, but also everything related to psychology, spirituality, the environment… Dance – her secret passion – helps her express her creativity through movement; a whole different kind of communication. Her favourite pas de deux: Samba de Gafieira (Portuguese also being an attraction!) and ballet.

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