Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms! There’s so much to say about them that a blog post could never be enough. Mentors, caregivers, leaders, friends…they play countless important roles in our lives. As nurses and doctors, they’re working on the frontlines to keep us safe, and for the moment, some are even homeschool teachers! In short, being a mother means knowing how to wear many different hats. On May 10th, let’s spoil all the mothers out there by offering them heartfelt gifts over the distance. Here are 6 Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make her day.


1. Bake Her a Cake & Bring It to Her Door

Mother's day Gift Ideas - Lifestyle - Laura Blog

Anyone can bake a wonderful cake! The magic really happens when you add your personal touch with lovely decorations that she’ll adore. You can make your cake in a heart-shaped mould, top it with chocolate or coconut shavings, use some tasty gourmet icing, brighten it up with sprinkles…the sky’s the limit. Let your imagination take over! These recipes for springtime cupcakes and strawberry charlotte look absolutely delicious. To the oven!

2. Buy Her a Gift Card

Mother's day Gift Ideas - Lifestyle - Laura Blog

If there’s one gift that will truly delight her, it’s one of our gift cards. Of course, you get to decide the amount you’d like for her, and then you can have it delivered directly to her mailbox. It’s as easy as that! This simple yet heartfelt present can be freely used on all of her favourite looks once our stores reopen. In the meantime, as she waits for that highly anticipated day, she’s free to get inspired by our online styles and put together a list of must-have outfits for this summer.

3. Send Her Flowers

Mother's day Gift Ideas - Lifestyle - Laura Blog

Whether we’re in isolation or not, giving flowers to a family member or loved one is a timeless gift that always pleases. So, send her a gorgeous springtime bouquet! Not only will it brighten up her day and her home, it’s a lovely way to support your local economy when you have it made by a florist in your area. Availability and supply issues could make your choice of flowers a bit more limited than usual, but no matter what, receiving them is sure to bring her joy. Does she prefer potted plants? Many florists also offer these!

4. Embroider a Shirt for Her

Mother's day Gift Ideas - Lifestyle - Laura Blog

A sentence that warms the heart, an uplifting and hopeful word (in English, French, Spanish…) or a lovely little design are all great ways to make a simple T-shirt unique. It also brings a personal touch to your mother’s wardrobe. No need to be a sewing master or own the latest high-tech sewing machine! Get a t-shirt (or camisole) in the right size for your mom, as well as scissors, a writing utensil, thread, a needle, an embroidery hoop, and you’re ready to go! Take a look at this video for a step-by-step.

5. Sew Her a Mask

Mother's day Gift Ideas - Lifestyle - Laura Blog

With the current shortage of protective masks out there, more and more people are creating home-made substitutes, with many tutorials available on the Web for sewing your own. If wearing masks is the new normal for now, we might as well make ones that have a nice touch of creativity and flair! To make one for your mom, get some high-quality fabric and follow these simple steps.

Always be aware that home-made masks do not offer the same level of protection against the virus as medical-grade masks, which are used primarily by healthcare staff. They also aren’t a replacement for important barrier gestures!

6. Make Her a Mason Jar Care Package

Mother's day Gift Ideas - Lifestyle - Laura Blog

Whether they’re in our pantries or kitchen cabinets, it’s probably safe to say we’ve all got Mason jars lying around! Rather than just letting them collect dust or tossing them in the recycling bin, why not make good use of them? For a Mother’s Day gift, fill a Mason jar with fun and loving little things that your mom will enjoy, from miniature soap to soothing lotions, handmade cookies, tea bags, and other delightful treats. There’s no shortage of ideas out there, just as long as there’s room in your jar of course…

Happy Mother’s Day, from our family to yours!

What are you going to surprise her with for this ever-important and inspiring holiday? Let us know in the comments!


Adapted from French by David Harris


Written by Pauline Ponchaux

Straight from Northern France, Pauline has great admiration for “baked-just-right-baguettes”, waffles, and sweets at brunch. Films from the '80s and '90s are almost a religion, and she adores reciting memorized lines from her favourite movies at any given time. Since she moved to Quebec, Pauline has developed a passionate curiosity for the reoccurring discrepancies between the “current temperature” and the “feels like temperature” advertised on The Weather Network. She also likes: reading in the metro, strumming the strings of her ukulele while dreaming of beaches and sunshine, trips to exotic places, Barcelona and Güell architecture (and let’s not forget sangria of course), cats, Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, and The Beatles.

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