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With so much news and media coverage about COVID-19 circulating around the web, it can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed. At the same time, it’s also easy to discover messages of hope, perseverance, and humour that can uplift and inspire us. When carried out collectively, even simple gestures bring us closer together. So, if the times are getting you down, why not take a look at some examples of uplifting community movements from across the web?


Hearts & Rainbows

Despite having to remain indoors for much of the time, it’s easier than you think to brighten up your neighbourhood. What better way than to fill your windows with timeless symbols of love and optimism? Quebec’s Ça va bien aller movement and its corresponding hashtag have popularized drawings of hopeful rainbows in windows across the country (and even in our logo 😉). Meanwhile, B.C.’s Hearts in the Window trend has spread throughout Canada as well, with a Facebook group that is over 160,000 members strong.


An uplifting and hopeful chalk drawing on the sidewalk.
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Chalk Your Walk

Going out for routine walks is a pretty important part of staying in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. The fresh air and open space can work wonders for our bodies and minds, but adding a bit of colour to our path is even better. This is the idea behind Chalk Your Walk, a trend in the U.S. that’s filling neighbourhood sidewalks and driveways with fun, vibrant, and uplifting chalk art. If you happen to have any lying around, it could be a fun activity for the kids to enjoy, and could even make someone’s day.


Homemade fabric protective masks for COVID-19.
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Mask Making

Medical-grade masks are in higher demand than ever. Facing shortages in hospitals, healthcare workers often use fabric masks to get by while they wait to receive those with the proper specifications. Amazingly, thousands of mask makers across Canada are stepping in to help. Mask Makers YYC, for instance, is a Calgary-based Facebook group of over 5,000 volunteers dedicated to making fabric masks for essential workers. Army of Masks in Montreal and Canada Sews in Oshawa are other inspiring examples.


A car with Conquer COVID-19 and stay safe printed on the side.
Credit: @hchickwick / Instagram

Conquer COVID-19

Masks aren’t the only supplies needed to keep everyone healthy and safe. Conquer COVID-19 is a volunteer-driven organization with the mission to ensure that frontline workers have access to the resources they need. Whether it’s gloves, ventilators, tablets, face shields, or infant care essentials, the organization gathers and provides these resources through community drives, fundraising, partnering with business leaders, and more. Even actor Ryan Reynolds and former Olympic hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser are onboard.


Credit: Jon Tyson / Instagram

Uplifting Hashtags

Whether it’s for a movement, a trend, or an organization, you can always expect hashtags to emerge across social media. Almost all the movements we’ve mentioned here have their own hashtags to help spread the word. Last month, Marie Claire put together this thorough list of both funny, serious, and heartwarming hashtags, including #QuarantineAndChill, #TogetherAtHome, and more. When it comes to the more uplifting posts out there, it’s worth keeping an eye on #HealthcareHeroes and even our very own #LauraCanadaCares!

What have you seen lately that has inspired you, uplifted you, or made you laugh? Spread the love in the comments!

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