What to Gift Your Hostess This Holiday

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This year, it is with excitement and gratitude that we look forward to the end of year celebrations! If your holiday season is filled with party invitations, you might want to start shopping for hostess gifts. Of course, traditional etiquette dictates that guests shouldn’t arrive empty-handed. Paying special attention to giving the perfect gift is a great way to thank the person who hosts you.

The days of the traditional bottle of wine are now over. These days, the trend leans more towards original and personalized gifts, to show that we’ve taken the time to think of the person who hosts us. To help inspire you, here is our list of hostess gifts that’ll show your appreciation perfectly!


1. For the fashionista

Treat the trendiest hostess you know by giving her a sumptuous piece of jewellery from Laura or Melanie Lyne. For the classic woman, consider a necklace with a delicate pendant or a pair of pearl-embellished earrings. For those searching for a bold look, a necklace with large links and coloured stones will definitely please. A scarf will be ideal for those looking for softness and comfort. This sought-after accessory is sure to turn heads as it’s both practical and chic!

Cadeaux d’hôtesse: quoi offrir? | Art de vivre | Blogue Laura
Credit: Laura Canada

2. For the Food Connoisseur

We all know someone who enjoys indulging in the pleasures of food, both through cooking and enjoying exquisite dishes. Surprise this savvy foodie by giving her a spice box from Les Filles Fattoush, offering her direct access to Syrian cuisine and a journey of a thousand flavors. High quality olive oil is a safe bet when it comes to gifting those who appreciate food that looks as good as it tastes. Opt for products from La Belle Excuse, a company that offers cold-pressed oils, in chic and elegant packaging.

3. For the Eco-Friendly

Buying a gift for someone who cares about the environment is not always easy! For the zero-waste enthusiast, offer them a reusable bag from the company Dans le Sac. From bread bags to bulk bags, you’ll find a wide variety of products that are both chic and eco-friendly. For those who are constantly on the lookout for decorative pieces that respect the planet, opt for a Rose Buddha rechargeable candle. Made from 100% natural wax, these candles will subtly perfume the house with their sweet scents, in addition to being ecological thanks to their recharging quality.

4. For the Professional

A pretty reusable coffee mug is ideal for the professional woman who loves coffee! Check out those from Mimi & August, with cups as practical as they are stylish. They’ll allow you to transport the precious caffeinated elixir in an elegant and efficient way. For the one with an organized agenda, choose a notebook and pencils from the Baltic Club. You’ll be charmed by their planners, agendas and other stationery items that feature minimalist designs and soft hues.

5. For the One Who Has Everything

Some people seem to have it all! If your hostess is part of this group, offer her a Laura or Melanie Lyne gift card. Simple and practical, this gift opens the door to endless possibilities! After all, who wouldn’t love the gift of choice?

Cadeaux d’hôtesse: quoi offrir? | Art de vivre | Blogue Laura
Credit: Laura Canada

Laura | Petites | Plus | Melanie Lyne

If you’re looking forward to the holidays as eagerly as we are, you’re probably already exploring our suggestions! What gift would you buy? Comment below to let us know! We love hearing from you.

Adapted from French by Sania Malik

Written by Marie-Eve Filteau

Marie-Eve has a passion for everything even slightly related to Scandinavian culture. If she were a city, it would be Copenhagen. She loves Italian pastries, pastel pink and the smell of eucalyptus. A true foodie, she never has enough recipe books nor room in her freezer, which she fills with all sorts of delicious dishes! Marie-Eve loves discovering new restaurants, or enjoying good take-out in the comfort of her own home (admittedly way easier when children are in the picture!). She loves quality clothing made locally, but most of all, she appreciates finding secondhand pieces that look brand-new!

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