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You can find linen everywhere right now. The natural fibre is dominating store windows and boutique aisles—with good reason. It offers a bohemian look, practical qualities and unlimited possibilities for styling. Today, we’re sharing well-kept—and not so well-kept—secrets about the fabric, as well as tips on how to wear it.

Why Linen?

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Like we said, there are so many good reasons why linen should be in your closet. First, linen is one of the most durable fabrics on the market. The textile is easy to maintain and will last more than one season if treated with care. It even becomes softer and more pleasant to wear over time.

Although resilient, wearing out your linen pieces is possible. Since the fabric is recyclable and biodegradable, getting rid of your old linen clothes will not affect your carbon footprint. You can enjoy the benefits of this natural material for decades without your fashion choices affecting our planet.

Apart from its eco-friendly characteristics, linen is loved for its comfortable wear. It’s lightweight, breathable, regulates body temperature and keeps moisture away. With so many pros, we can’t forget the most important one: the fabric flatters any silhouette.

Fabric Care

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Linen fibres aren’t capricious, so you don’t have to go out of your way to make sure they stay intact for years to come. Unfortunately, a little love isn’t enough to preserve your pieces. Like any other quality fabric, there are a few guidelines for washing.

Before you do anything, look at the care instructions on the tag sewed into your article of clothing. Depending on the fabric blend, it’s possible that your linen piece is machine washable. Whatever washing method you use, be sure to separate your light and dark laundry. Linen has colour-absorbing properties that could ruin your clothes.

Even though the wrinkled effect is part of the charm of linen, you may want to soften harsh lines in the material. In this case, we recommend washing your piece in a bathtub and hanging it up to dry. Ironing or steaming is also an option. Start the process while the garment is damp to avoid burn marks.

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How to Wear

Contrary to popular belief, monks and hippies aren’t the only ones who wear linen. One of the best things about the fabric is that there are so many styles that you can wear different ways. Wear it to the office, to run errands over the weekend or for a night out.

At the Office

Undyed or bleached linen has a crisp quality that adds a polished feel to professional outfits. Wear linen with light hues or contrast colours that bring out the neutral tones of the fabric.

For the Weekend

After a hard week at work, it’s okay to go into relaxation mode. Set your blazers aside and spend an afternoon on a patio in airy shorts, capris or pants that show off your legs. Top off your sunny Sunday look with an oversized straw hat from Laura or Melanie Lyne.

Night Out

Go for a breezy linen dress with a stripe or polka dot print that will keep up with your schedule. Complement the look with classic hoop earrings and strappy shoes. You can also layer a knit bolero over your dress on a chilly summer night.

How will you wear linen this summer?


Adapted from French by Kylee Ross


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