3 Ways to Elevate Your Knits

3 Ways to Elevate Your Knits - Laura Blog
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Oh, knits – without them, we could hardly get through the long winters! When temperatures drop, they keep us warm and feeling cozy. We’d want to bundle up in these soft and fluffy styles from dawn until night – especially at work – but certain dress codes oblige us to wait until Friday to throw on our favourite winter essential.

Don’t dismiss the idea that chunky sweaters can’t be worn throughout the week. When the comfortable style is teamed with the right companion piece, knits can be worn from workday to night out. Next time you hesitate to throw on your coziest sweater, remember the following tips we’ve provided you with below – go ahead and inspire yourself!


1. Layer Up

We constantly hear about layering as an outfit preference, but throughout the chillier months, it’s a must. We bundle up with multiple layers not only for extra warmth, but to amp up our looks as well. A knit isn’t elegant on its own, unless you effortlessly team it with a blazer, a structured jacket or a cardigan.

If you’re worried about being too hot in the office, opt for a lightweight sweater, and simply throw on a blazer over your back without inserting your arms in the sleeves – just let it graze your shoulders. By doing so, you won’t compromise on your polished ensemble. Still looking for another option to play up your knit? Simply slip a long blouse under your sweater to reveal only the collar and hem.

2. Sweater and Skirt Combo

Why wait until warmer days to show off some leg? Evidently, opaque tights will be required when it’s -15° C out, but don’t let the cold weather get in the way of your fashion choices. For the office or special occasions, a sweater and skirt combination is a go-to; it’s femininity and comfort all-in-one.

Since it’s winter, and it could get pretty slushy outside, we suggest you avoid maxi skirts that graze the ground and reach out for a mid-thigh or knee length model in your wardrobe. Once you’ve chosen your bottom, tuck your loose or fitted sweater in your skirt to define your waist.

3. Accessorize It

The final touch is sometimes the most vital. When it comes to putting together an outfit, accessories are quite impactful. Their power? They can brighten up all our basic pieces. It’s almost like magic when you pair a necklace or earrings with a sweater, as the look becomes instantly less casual. Have some fun and add personality to your outfits by teaming your sweaters with matching scarfs or jewelry.

Our sole piece of advice? Don’t wear a necklace with a pointy pendant that can get caught in your knit’s threads. When wearing a turtleneck, embellish your top with a long necklace, since we don’t want you to feel too stuck. For the rest, amp up your cozy look with short necklaces, which are ideal for scoop necklines. As for an extra final touch, we say you put on those favourite heeled booties of yours!

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You’ll now be able to prove to all those who believe sweaters are just a casual weekend item completely wrong!

Adapted from French by Tania Di Palma


Written by Jessica Paquin

Whenever anyone in Jessica’s entourage needs fashion advice, they go straight to her. As an active feminist, (fighting for women and not against men) Jessica is also known for being involved in her community. A self-proclaimed part-time geek, she’s an expert in dad jokes—a talent she was graced with through genetics—loves Japanese animated films, and is obsessed with adorable animal videos.

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