A Valentine’s Day Unlike Any Other

No matter what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday, and you can’t let it pass you by. To some, February 14th is just another day on the calendar, while others can’t picture themselves not celebrating it. If you’re part of the group that wants to make this day a memorable one with your friends or significant other, keep reading and feel free to steal our ideas and make them your own.


1. A Swing Dance Class

S'initier au swing - Une Saint-Valentin pas comme les autres - Blogue Laura

Swing, a form of dance that was born in the 1920s, is still alive and hopping. You don’t need much experience, as your feet will instantly move to the rhythm. Expect to twirl your partner to the sound of jazz melodies all night. No one to show off your moves with? It’s the perfect occasion to meet your match!

In recent years, this form of dance has grown in popularity, and numerous swing schools are now available for those who want to take up classes. Whether you’re at the introductory or advanced level, dance studios offer different types of swing dance, like the Charleston, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Boogie Woogie, just to name a few. Let your feet guide you!

2. A Relaxing Gateaway

Relaxer loin de chez soi - Une Saint-Valentin pas comme les autres - Blogue Laura

This year, cupid was feeling generous and made February 14th fall on a Friday. Great, right? It makes for the perfect opportunity to escape up north and breathe some fresh air for an entire weekend. Find someone who can watch the kids and the pets while you take time for yourself with your loved one. It’ll do you some good to be in your own little world together. With so many options to choose from, you can lay low with your partner, or friends, in a romantic inn or a suite at a five-star hotel. If you feel like trying something unique, unusual accommodations like a teepee or a yurt are also available.

If you’re planning on taking the trip with your nearest and dearest, there’s plenty of things to do! Relax in the hot tub, play billiards and board games, and while you’re at it, treat yourselves to a delicious feast. If ever you want to be a little active, snowshoeing is an alternative. Celebrate and unwind on Valentine’s Day by renting a wooden chalet, and you’re set.

3. Skate Through the Forest

Patiner en forêt - Une Saint-Valentin pas comme les autres - Blogue Laura

Is there anything more romantic than ice skating on a whimsical trail, in the forest, while holding your partner’s hand? Sharpen your skates and head on over to le Domaine de la forêt perdue that’s located in Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel. What can you and your loved one expect once there? A 15 km maze of frozen paths, in which you’ll be surrounded by pines, lakes, and wildlife, too.

Don’t fret, you don’t need to be a professional figure skater to enjoy this magical and recreational outdoor activity. It’s both easy and affordable – and totally worth it!

4. Axe Throwing

Lancer des haches - Une Saint-Valentin pas comme les autres - Blogue Laura

“Come on dear, we’re going to throw axes!” Want something unusual? You got it! Upon arrival, you’ll get a short course on the basics of axe throwing technique. You will quickly learn that technique and style are key, and not simply strength.

When it’s finally time to compete, you’ll pick up your axe, aim for the bullseye, and launch it. A great stress reliever and completely fun, too. Head over to Rage : Axe Throwing: Axe Throwing in Montreal for the complete experience. Make sure you call to reserve in advance!

5. Learn to Fly

Apprendre à voler - Une Saint-Valentin pas comme les autres - Blogue Laura

Have you always dreamed of piloting an airplane or helicopter? Make all your wishes come true at AeroSim Experience, located in Laval. Enter the simulated cabin and fasten your belts! An instructor will guide you in a hands-on experience and let you in on all the techniques of piloting and navigation. Quickly after, it’ll be your turn to take over and operate. With a 220° curved projecting screen providing total immersion and an outstanding visual representation of the ground, you’ll be able to select from 24,000 destinations around the world to fly over. Also, you’ll be able to view more than 30 destinations in high resolution. Hop in!

Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Do you have any romantic ideas you’d like to share? Let us know below!


Adapted from French by Tania Di Palma


Written by Pauline Ponchaux

Straight from Northern France, Pauline has great admiration for “baked-just-right-baguettes”, waffles, and sweets at brunch. Films from the '80s and '90s are almost a religion, and she adores reciting memorized lines from her favourite movies at any given time. Since she moved to Quebec, Pauline has developed a passionate curiosity for the reoccurring discrepancies between the “current temperature” and the “feels like temperature” advertised on The Weather Network. She also likes: reading in the metro, strumming the strings of her ukulele while dreaming of beaches and sunshine, trips to exotic places, Barcelona and Güell architecture (and let’s not forget sangria of course), cats, Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, and The Beatles.

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