A 20-Minute Workout You Will Actually Stick With

Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. You don’t need a fancy home-gym or expensive yoga classes to get a good workout in. Don’t get me wrong, those are all great options. However, with the rise of Instagram fitness sensations, too many people overthink working out to the point where they shy away from it completely. Working out shouldn’t be about achieving the perfect figure (unless you’re a fitness model of course). It should be about keeping your body healthy & functional.

Mind, Body & Soul

In addition to all the physical benefits (lowered blood pressure, healthier cardiovascular system, reduced body fat), exercise also has the same effect on your mental health. In a world where everyone is stressed out, and working overtime trying to get everything done, it’s important to take a moment to relax and practice self-care. Exercise stimulates endorphins, releasing serotonin to the brain, which reduces stress, wards off anxiety, boosts self-esteem, and improves sleep. Leaving you feeling generally happier. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

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Change Your Attitude

You are more likely to stick with a routine if you come at it from a place of self-love. You should exercise because you love your body and want to take care of it, not because you think your thighs are too big in your new bikini. Put a positive spin on it and you’ll be surprised by your newfound motivation.

Going for a walk or bike ride, or doing some light stretching are all great ways to keep our bodies active. But as we get older, it is imperative that we take proper measures to maintain muscle strength & bone density. This will ensure continued body mobility & fluidity. Functional exercises can be done with your own body weight–no equipment necessary.

Nike Said it Best: Just Do It

Below is a short, yet effective routine that I absolutely love. It works the whole body–strengthening & stretching in one. It’s also guaranteed to get your heart rate up, for a healthy dose of cardio. Incorporate it to your existing exercise regimen 3 times per week–for maximum impact include as many fresh fruits & vegetables, lean meats, Omega-3 rich foods (salmon, avocados, nuts, and eggs for example), whole grains, and lots of water to your diet.

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Repeat the workout routine three times and finish with stretching–take breaks as needed. As you get better, breaks should be minimal. Go at your own pace, and remember that consistency is the key to success.


Workout Routine

20 Jumping Jacks
50 High Knees
20 Butt Kicks
20 Squats
15 Stationary lunges on each side
10 Pushups (on knees if needed)
Forearm plank for 30 seconds
30 Mountain Climbers

Cool Down Stretch

Pigeon or figure four stretch from the back
Standing side stretch
Forward bend stretch
Lying-down body twist

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Written by Jonelle Larouche

Jonelle’s love of life & thirst for knowledge makes it hard for her to limit herself to one interest. When she’s not blogging for Laura Canada, she’s writing a book, reading about psychology, singing, travelling to warmer climates, and indulging in Montreal’s diverse gastronomy. She prefers to maintain an active lifestyle – practicing yoga and running long distances – mainly to help her stimulate creativity and burn off the calories from all the delicious food she eats.

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