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Stay in Shape While Working From Home | Beauty & Wellness | Laura Blog
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There’s no doubt that working from home and social distancing have made certain day-to-day life habits a bit trickier to maintain. Keeping up strong exercise and wellness routines can already be challenging as it is (even more so if you’re trying to establish new ones), but heading to the gym or yoga studio also isn’t always easy or convenient these days. Fear not, however: There are plenty of ways to keep yourself active and feeling great despite the circumstances. Let’s run through some of the essentials so that you can stay in shape while working from home!


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Before Things Got Weird

What were your exercise routines like before we all ended up in this stay-at-home situation? Anything you were already doing at home can of course remain part of your daily habits, whether it was jogging and cycling outside or using your treadmill or spin bike. However, our current circumstances could be the perfect opportunity to mix it up and try out new things. 

Meanwhile, if your fitness time was devoted exclusively to a gym, yoga studio, or similar space, now is the time to make jogging, cycling, and home fitness your new normal, at least for now. But before we get to the examples… 

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Goals, Routines & Baby Steps

Pretty much every aspect of staying in shape depends on establishing and maintaining strong routines. This also happens to be important when it comes to working productively from home (as we recently pointed out). So, you’d be correct in assuming that when you put staying in shape and working from home together, routines are more important than ever. 

According to fitness experts, one of the most common mistakes people setting fitness goals is biting off more than they can chew. If you expect too much of yourself from the outset, your mind is less likely to lock into the patterns it needs to strengthen the right habits. Start out with single, achievable goals that gradually become more challenging.

Stay in Shape While Working From Home | Beauty & Wellness | Laura Blog
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Outdoors, Indoors, Online

As we said above, if you haven’t already made the great outdoors part of your toolset for staying in shape, there’s never been a better time. Find a bike path or jogging route that allows you to admire the beauty of nature while staying active. Technology is definitely on your side in this department. There are lots of jogging apps and cycling apps that help you plan routes, track your progress, and more.

So what about the great indoors? If you aren’t fully outfitted with home gym equipment, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the end of your exercise goals. Not only are there plenty of affordable yet essential fitness tools you can get to optimize your home routines, the internet is brimming with tips on no-equipment exercise. This full-body workout is the perfect example. 

Speaking of the internet, we live in a golden age of free instructional exercise videos. From online yoga superstars like Yoga With Adriene to time-efficient workouts by FitnessBlender, there is quite literally a fitness YouTube channel for everyone. Once you find the one that’s right for your preferences, schedule, and experience level, it’ll be easier than ever to stay in shape without leaving home.

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Ergonomics & Healthy Working

Last but not least, how you work is just as important as how you work out. There’s a close relationship between this and being able to stay in shape, more so than many people realize. Setting alarms for yourself to take frequent breaks is a great place to start. Getting up every 30 to 60 minutes and going outside at least once a day will help to keep the pace of work manageable for your body as well as your mind. 

Meanwhile, whether it’s your posture or the type of chair you use, ergonomics tips like these can make all the difference in the world. These considerations are essential not only for productivity, but for supporting your exercise routines with comfortable and healthy work habits. Oh, and don’t forget about our golden rules for working at home!

Have you discovered new ways to stay in shape while working from home? Give us your tips in the comments!

Written by David Harris

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