6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Just for You

6 Ways to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day
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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is on its way. From candied treats to heart-shaped chocolates, popular symbols of romance are starting to pop up just about everywhere. And, while the pressure may be on to send your loved ones thoughtful cards and quirky trinkets, why not put the focus on yourself this February 14? Whether you prefer edible delights, massage therapy or luxe clothing and accessories, there are countless ways to make your own heart go pitter-patter with gifts worthy of Cupid himself.

Sweet Spot

Instead of binging on a box of mass-produced chocolates with curious fillings, try baking your own tasty confections. Spending that extra effort in the kitchen – whipping up a small batch of cupcakes or chocolate brownies – may very well be the best way to celebrate your craving. The decision to share your scrumptious creations is solely up to you.

Sweet spot
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Decadence Amplified

If you prefer your treats in liquid form, make your taste buds swoon with a frothy latte or a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Just as a delectable dessert can satisfy your sweet tooth, so too can a syrupy warm drink. Regardless of where you are on Valentine’s Day, take a moment to savour a rich beverage. You may be surprised to discover how much such a seemingly small indulgence can warm your soul.

Decadence amplified
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Neck Candy

If your teeth are starting to hurt from sugary treats and you’ve reached your sweet limit for the day, try wearing your candy rather than eating it. There’s nothing like a stunning piece of jewellery to instantly boost your mood and make you feel beautiful. Show yourself some love with a statement necklace – an everyday luxury you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Melanie Lyne – Flower Chain Necklace
Flower Chain Necklace
Melanie Lyne

Buttery Soft

Looking to replace your everyday mitts with a more stylish alternative? Treat yourself to a timeless design that will shield your hands from the cold and make the last stretch of winter a little more bearable. If a latte or hot chocolate is not enough to warm your fingers, a pair of sheepskin gloves is sure to do the trick.

Sheepskin Leather Gloves
Sheepskin Leather Gloves
Melanie Lyne

Fashion Indulgence

While nothing beats warm hugs from the ones you love most on Valentine’s Day, the ability to wrap yourself in stylish comfort is arguably a close second. Cozy knits and soft cashmere blends will keep you snug all season long. Opt for a designer hat and scarf combo – the perfect cold weather duo.

Melanie Lyne – Karl Lagerfeld Paris – Knit Scarf & Hat
Karl Lagerfeld Paris – Pearl-Embellished Scarf
Melanie Lyne
Karl Lagerfeld Paris – Pearl-Embellished Hat
Melanie Lyne

Restorative Boost

Even though self-care is important all year round, there’s no better time to pamper yourself than on Valentine’s Day. Book a relaxing massage after work or squeeze one in during your lunch break. You won’t regret the decision to invest in your own well-being and unwind in a peaceful environment without your constantly buzzing cell phone in hand.

Restorative boost
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Whether you decide to spend Valentine’s Day alone or with a significant other, remember that demonstrating self-appreciation is just as important – if not more – than caring for others. So, raise a glass to love this February 14 and celebrate yourself!

Written by Sarah Sussman

Born and raised in the city of endless festivals and world-famous gastronomy, Sarah considers herself a true Montrealer. From the undeniably genius blend of squeaky cheese curds, fries and gravy to the breathtakingly beautiful European-inspired architecture, it’s easy for this city girl to find plenty to love in the place she is proud to call home. When she is not enjoying time with her family and seriously contemplating whether to order sushi or pizza while at home with her husband and kids, Sarah is likely pushing herself to the limit through intense boxing workouts and trying her very hardest not to jaywalk.

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