5 Activities to Enjoy While Staying Safe & Healthy

Ever since you’ve committed to social distancing, it’s been more important than ever to both manage your days efficiently and enjoy yourself. From your work-from-home routine to daily tasks and hobbies, the right balance is essential. Maybe you’ve stocked up on new books to read and added new movies and shows to your must-watch list. And of course, you’ve probably picked up some fun and creative crafts, either on your own or with family. Still, it’s always inspiring to explore new options, so here are four more activities you can enjoy!


Do a Bit of Landscaping

Activités de confinée - Art de vivre - Blogue Laura

The last time you stepped out onto your balcony or terrace for a bit of fresh air, maybe you looked around the yard and felt tempted to get creative with it. It’s not a bad idea! More plants, a small veggie garden, nice furniture, a touch-up here and there…In short, we know your mind is just bubbling with stunning ideas. This is the perfect time to put your plans into action. And there’s no need for it to be an intensive project requiring a big budget, simply furnish and decorate your space to make it ideal for relaxing on a sunny summer day. These excellent ideas from Real Simple offer the perfect place to start!

Keep Your Pets Active

Activités de confinée - Art de vivre - Blogue Laura

Life without your dog or your cat just wouldn’t be the same during these days of isolation! Remember that this is a change in the ordinary pattern of life for them too, and just like us, they need to stay active and stimulated. For your dog, in addition to his daily walks, take him with you when you go running. At home, you can even create exercise courses with chairs, stepladders, and other obstacles. Each time he manages to pass one, reward him with a small treat.

If you have a cat, meanwhile, make sure to give her space so that she can feel secure and independent. If she’s an outdoor cat, let her wander! As for the indoors, you can create hiding places for her, provide a scratching post, give her a handmade toy or a playful kibble dispenser, and more. These ideas from DIY & Crafts will provide plenty of inspiration!

Get Into Embroidery

Activités de confinée - Art de vivre - Blogue Laura

Always on-trend and highly creative, embroidery is the perfect way to decorate your home or bring a personal touch to your clothing. If you recall, we mentioned it as a Mother’s Day gift idea in a recent blog, where we suggested giving Mom a t-shirt with a homemade embroidered message. This idea can be taken in endless different directions and can be used on countless different materials: a canvas tote, an embroidery hoop, a notebook, and more. If you’re already well-acquainted with this craft, you can get some excellent inspiration from Instagram users like sarahkbenning or threadhoney, letting your imagination take you from there! For beginners, the best approach is to get an embroidery kit, which will set you up with the material you need to get started. Grab your needle and thread, it’s time to dive in!

Get Athletic

Activités de confinée - Art de vivre - Blogue Laura

We all have a tendency to set aside our New Year’s resolutions, and taking up a new athletic activity is a prime example. Now that it’s especially important to stay active and healthy at home, what better time to give yourself a second chance? YouTube and social media are full of excellent instructional resources for sports and fitness. Whether you happen to have the right equipment for a particular sport or activity, or you simply want to tone your arms or glutes, there’s something for everyone.

However, if getting athletic with your laptop doesn’t sound ideal for you, put on your running shoes or get on your bike for an outdoor workout. And don’t forget an often underrated exercise that works wonders for both muscle tone and cardio: jumping rope!

Learn a New Language

Activités de confinée - Art de vivre - Blogue Laura

Have the latest episodes of Money Heist on Netflix made you want to learn Spanish? Do you dream of speaking Italian or another exciting new language? It may sound like quite the project, but you’d be surprised by how fun, engaging, and entertaining it can be. This is thanks to the countless language apps and online resources you can explore, all without leaving the house! Some are free, many of them offer free trial courses and excellent promotional offers, and the best ones are well worth the price if you’re fully committed. Among the most reputable are Duolingo, Gymglish, and Babbel.

What activities are you getting into while staying healthy and safe at home? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments!


Adapted from French by David Harris


Written by Pauline Ponchaux

Straight from Northern France, Pauline has great admiration for “baked-just-right-baguettes”, waffles, and sweets at brunch. Films from the '80s and '90s are almost a religion, and she adores reciting memorized lines from her favourite movies at any given time. Since she moved to Quebec, Pauline has developed a passionate curiosity for the reoccurring discrepancies between the “current temperature” and the “feels like temperature” advertised on The Weather Network. She also likes: reading in the metro, strumming the strings of her ukulele while dreaming of beaches and sunshine, trips to exotic places, Barcelona and Güell architecture (and let’s not forget sangria of course), cats, Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, and The Beatles.

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