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Halloween Activity Ideas - Laura Blog
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With the ghost of COVID-19 still lurking, celebrating Halloween can seem tricky to some of us—but there’s nothing a mask, a little imagination and a lot of hand sanitizer can’t fix. This year, safely get into the Halloween spirit with these five activity ideas that promise spooky fun for the whole family.


1. Watch Spooky Movies & TV Shows

What would the month of October be without a good ole horror marathon? This weekend, grab a bucket of popcorn and get comfortable in front of the TV to revisit a few horror classics, or indulge in a horror series all throughout the week. If you’re a certified ghost story or science fiction fanatic, The Haunting of Bly Manor (TV-MA), Locke and Key (TV-14), and Bloodride (TV-MA), to name a few, are all recent Netflix Originals worth the watch—and the fright!

Halloween Activity Ideas - Movies & TV Shows - Laura Blog
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2. Do DIY Crafts

Pumpkin decorating is a Halloween arts & crafts classic and with so many ways to decorate, it never gets old! You can paint and embellish them with ornaments or gut and carve them to your liking. With the second option, you can even roast the seeds in the oven and feast on delicious dishes and desserts made from your pumpkin remains. (Muahahaha.)

You can also find a slew of DIY creative workshops online to occupy your little monsters all weekend long. Scissors and glue at the ready, help them make themed felt decorations, paper wizard hats and other hauntingly playful creations.

Halloween Activity Ideas - Arts & Crafts - Laura Blog
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3. Put Your Culinary Skills to Work

Trick-or-treating is an anticipated trademark of October 31st every year. Since this year will be different for kids and adults alike, you might as well go big on delicious treats for your entire household! Of course, Pumpkin Spice recipes are a fall essential, but Witch Fingers, Poison Toffee Apples and Cemetery Cupcakes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, all while being terrifyingly simple to make.

Halloween Activity Ideas - Recipes - Laura Blog
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4. Plan a Virtual Party with Friends

Even if we aren’t allowed to physically gather with family and friends, we can still celebrate the sinister holiday with loved ones thanks to technology and the Internet. Schedule a virtual event with your group via Zoom or Skype. All you need is a device with a camera and microphone, and you’re set to party! Celebrating together, yet at a distance, sport your best costumes, tell scary stories, play games and more. Be sure to brainstorm a little beforehand to plan a fang-tastic night full of fun.

Halloween Activity Ideas - Online Virtual Party - Laura Blog
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5. Participate in Local Celebrations (Safely!)

Despite current circumstances, we can still participate in this weekend’s events… as long as we respect sanitary measures, of course! In Montreal, certain quarantine measures will be lifted just in time for Halloween festivities, ensuring maximum spookiness. Laser Game’s Humans VS Zombies experience* and Haunted Montreal* are just some of the activities going on this Saturday in the Quebec metropolis. As for Toronto, the family event, Boo at the Zoo, and Casa Loma Haunted House are on the daily roster. Make sure to check out what activities are going on in your city for a devilishly delightful day!

* Due to extended red zone restrictions, these events have unfortunately been cancelled.

Halloween Activity Ideas - Events - Laura Blog
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What are your Halloween plans?

Adapted from French by Erika Spedding


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