4 Fashion Tips for Back-to-Office Style

4 Fashion Tips for Back-to-Office Style | Fashion | Laura Blog
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Even though the pandemic isn’t quite behind us, it seems like returning to a normal life is more and more imaginable. That’s why many workplaces are gradually welcoming their employees back into the office, whether full-time or part-time. Either way, this return can bring up some worries! What should you wear after months of video conferences and days spent in loungewear? Here are 4 fashion tips to help you create the best professional look.

1. Adopt the Comfy-Chic Look

The majority of us have spent the past few months working in the comfort of our own homes. As a result, we’ve gotten used to comfortable pants and soft sweaters. However, it’s likely not a great idea to wear those outfits when we walk through the office doors again. That’s why we’re witnessing the emergence of comfy-chic: dressed-up styles cut from stretchy fabrics. Think straight or wide leg pants (like our Soho or Lauren models) that are like jogging pants with a more refined look, or fitted pull-on pants (like our Kayla model), that allow us to enjoy the comfort of leggings, but with a professional twist.

When it comes to dresses, ditch the too-tight styles and prioritize fits that are flowy for maximum comfort. The ultimate look that surpasses all else is, without a doubt, the wrap dress. Versatile and feminine, it’ll give you that professional feel instantly! For tops, don’t hesitate to enhance your basics by pairing them with a fitted jacket or adding on a long tunic for an elegant touch.

2. Revisit Your Denim Collection

If the pandemic has changed your body (as it has for most people!), now might be the time to revisit your denim collection. Have a quick try-on session to see if your pants are still as comfortable as they used to be. Get rid of the ones that are too tight, that you don’t like anymore, and that you haven’t worn in a long time. It’s the perfect moment to check out our selection of flattering jeans. Make sure you have simple styles that you can easily match with your favourite tops, but also indulge in our extravagant styles, embellished with beads, embroidery, and studs. If your company’s dress code allows for jeans for office attire, match them with a basic top and layer with a fitted jacket.

3. Dare to Wear Colours and Patterns

Since the darkest days are behind us, brighten up your moments with daring and bold colours and patterns. A few basic tees in vibrant colours, combined with your favourite pants and a fitted sweater will definitely add style to your look. Also, indulge in printed tops and dresses. Leopard, floral, abstract, and stripe prints are all styles that’ll add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to your back-to-office look.

4. Invest in Accessories

A few well-chosen accessories will enhance your simpler outfits. Consider pendant necklaces layered on top of a classic black dress, or a comfy mock neck sweater. Embellish your ¾ sleeves with large link bracelets. Don’t hesitate to complete your more daring outfits by adding a pair of hoop earrings, a delicate and timeless piece of jewellery. Don’t forget to explore our selection of lightweight satin-like scarves, perfect to tie around your neck for a retro look or in your hair for a bohemian style.

4 Fashion Tips for Back-to-Office Style | Fashion | Laura Blog
Credit: Jess @ Harper Sunday / Unsplash

Ultimately, many of us are going to be navigating between teleworking and going back into the office. So, you can keep your clothes more casual while leaving space in your closet for new, chic outfits. That way, you can build a well thought-out, versatile wardrobe, perfect for accommodating the hybrid lifestyle that awaits you. The most important thing, of course, is to feel beautiful and confident, no matter where you work.

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What outfits do you think you’ll choose for your return to the office? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it!

Adapted from French by Sania Malik

Written by Marie-Eve Filteau

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