2018 Home Decorating Trends

Are you dreaming of a home worthy of being featured on Pinterest–with colours and accessories straight out of a magazine? All you need is a healthy dose of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Behold 5 trends that will easily give your kitchen, dining room and living space a modern makeover.

1. Industrial decor

Industrial-inspired style is just as popular now than the day it made its first appearance a few years ago. A timeless appeal with an urban twist makes it easy to incorporate into your existing decor. Whether you aspire to create an exact copy of an industrial loft owned by an artist in Williamsburg, or you’d simply like to add a statement piece or two to capture the style, start with clean lines & bold finishes. With a perfect mix of rustic wood, vintage glass and classic black accents–light fixtures with asymmetric designs are one of my favourite things to work with. They are perfect for adding dimension & flow to any dining room.

2. Mini botanical garden

With a calming yet energizing effect, plants add a perfect dose of life to your living space by bringing the outdoors in. Choosing plants that are easy to maintain like ferns or spider plants is a good idea. In addition to being a great decorative piece, plants are also an easy way to purify the air in your home. If you want something on a smaller scale, you can opt for succulents or cacti and be instantly transported to the beautiful deserts of Arizona. Hanging glass terrariums and vertical wall gardens are trending at the moment. Does the idea of getting your hands dirty make you queasy? Go for artificial plants, they will give you the same fresh look without the hassle!

Sources: Pinterest

3. Pedal to the metal! 

Forget the futuristic metallic look reminiscent of B-list science-fiction flicks! We’re talking about adding subtle accent pieces with silver, gold or brass finishes to a space–pieces like plates, wall decor, pillows, serving platers, and light fixtures. Bling bling!

Source: Mobilia

 4. The Color Purple

No, not the movie from 1985 starring Whoopi Goldberg–forget the popcorn, and take out your paint brush! Violet, mauve & purple hues are in this year. The colour of royalty, including the king of flamboyant stage presence, Prince–and just like his performances, it is sure to add the wow factor to your decor. But, stick to small accents if you’re thinking of switching things up in 2019. They are currently predicting a Pantone explosion of black, ruby, and eggplant in a selection of iridescent tones.

Source: marieclaire.fr

5. Country style revisited

We’re not talking about your grandmother’s chicken & plaid wallpaper, we mean a look inspired by a summer seaside escape–not a visit to the farm! Start with natural fibres like straw, whicker or distressed barn wood, and a colour palette of turquoise, blue, cream and white. Bring the charm of the Hamptons to your bedroom by using lanterns as bedside lighting, and finishing off the look with vintage oars displayed as a focal point above the bed.

Source: BilalBudhani.me


Written by Valentine Bonhomme-Vachon – Adapted from French by Jonelle Larouche


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