What to Wear to Celebrate Canada Day

Laura - Summer Collection 2019
Credit: Laura Canada

You already bought the ingredients to make your famous cocktails, and you plan to watch the fireworks from the outdoor concert you’ll be attending. Only one thing left to settle: your outfit. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, why not pay homage to Canadian designers by wearing an impeccable look from our Made in Canada collection.

Fun fact: 36% of our clothing is made right here at home. What better way to celebrate our beautiful country’s 152nd birthday, than to let national pride show through your fashion choices (without having to wear the classic red on white maple leaf printed top of course).

Happy hour

The sun is shining, the drinks are cold, and you are in good company—smiles from ear to ear. The day is still young and the temperature is crawling as morning turns into late afternoon. It’s best to stick with lightweight, fluid cuts to stay cool… sure you have ice cubes on your side to keep your mojito cold, but a breathable skirt and chiffon top combo is your best ally.


Dusk sets in, the crowd is vibrating with the rhythm of admiration for the national holiday—the positive energy is palpable. You are there to have a good time, and who knows, maybe even dance a little to the sound of local talent. The key is choosing pieces that move with you. But, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise style for comfort!


The night falls, and fresh dew settles on the grass as a gentle breeze picks up. Which means you need to be at ease with sitting on a blanket laid out on the lawn. Wear capris cut from stretchy fabric and a jacket to stay warm and cozy. Accessorize the look with a lightweight scarf, and instantly you are ready to take in the colourful show in the sky.

What do you have planned for July 1st? Tell us in the comments below.

Adapted from French by Jonelle Larouche.

Written by Ariane Gagnon

Ariane holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and has worked for the past few years to establish herself as a web writer. Her favourite topics to cover include literature, beauty & fashion. She refers to herself as a Mini-Wheat: part wholesome writer, part delightfully sweet fashionista. Publishing her first poetry collection, a dream she has focused on since her teenage years, has recently come true. During her free time, she likes strolling from secondhand bookstore to vintage clothing shop, coffee in hand.

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