Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Type of Mom

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Mothers come in many forms. Some are constantly on the move, juggling work and home life, while others are able to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle once their children are grown and building families of their own. You may even have the pleasure of knowing an adventurous mom, endlessly striving for new experiences to share with the ones she loves. Regardless of the type of mom you have or would like to honour, there are countless ways to celebrate the woman in your life whose sacrifices know no bounds.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite gift ideas.

The New Mom

What most new moms really want is a full night’s sleep. Since around-the-clock feedings may prevent you from offering an exhausted mother eight consecutive hours of rest, why not opt for a more personalized gift? Save her the trouble of putting on make-up for an afternoon walk or an outdoor playdate with a stylish pair of sunglasses that will hide any dark circles under her eyes. She may also like a hands-free purse to give her easy access to her wallet, phone and house keys while pushing a bulky stroller.

The On-the-Go Mom

Early mornings and hectic days are common occurrences for the professional mom with an on-the-go lifestyle. A spacious tote will allow her to carry her essentials with ease, while adding an element of sophistication to her outfit. You can even tie a silk scarf around one of the handles for added style.

The Minimalist Mom

Simplicity and a well-edited wardrobe are essential for a stylishly modest mom. A delicate chain necklace, coupled with equally understated hoop earrings, are the perfect everyday pieces to achieve the pared-down elegance of an effortlessly chic look.

The Glam Mom

Finding time to look glamorous can be challenging, especially with little ones running around. Printed pieces with figure-flattering silhouettes are a surefire way to help her elevate her style and maintain a polished appearance. Bold patterns and geometric shapes, in particular, have the added benefit of hiding creases and unavoidable stains.

The Trendsetter Mom

A trendsetting mom is a risk-taker when it comes to fashion. She’s a fearless dresser and unafraid to be the first of her friends and coworkers to wear unexpected designs. A ravishing red blazer, paired with a geometric print, or an avant-garde jumpsuit with a statement bow, may be all she needs to wow her inner circle and inspire a new look.

While you don’t actually have to wait until Mother’s Day to treat a spectacular mom, the second Sunday in May is an excellent excuse to do so. If you’re lucky enough to know someone who embodies the essence of motherhood, present her with a gift that’s – almost – as unique as she is. You can always save the flowers for next year.


Written by Sarah Sussman

Born and raised in the city of endless festivals and world-famous gastronomy, Sarah considers herself a true Montrealer. From the undeniably genius blend of squeaky cheese curds, fries and gravy to the breathtakingly beautiful European-inspired architecture, it’s easy for this city girl to find plenty to love in the place she is proud to call home. When she is not enjoying time with her family and seriously contemplating whether to order sushi or pizza while at home with her husband and kids, Sarah is likely pushing herself to the limit through intense boxing workouts and trying her very hardest not to jaywalk.

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