Laid-back Loungewear for Holidays at Home

Loungewear for the Holidays
Credit: Laura Canada

After a rollercoaster of a year, are you hoping to press “pause” during the upcoming holiday season? If so, it might be the perfect time to include laid-back moments on your agenda! Whether you’re hoping to share quality time with your family or spend the day in luxurious fashion, we’ve got the relaxed fits and soft silhouettes you need to slow down in style.

Here’s our list of loungewear, perfectly designed to be mixed and matched for every moment. Get inspired for a restful holiday at home!

1. Relaxed Family Breakfast
2. Girls’ Night In
3. Zen Romantic Evening
4. Slow Solo Mornings

1. Relaxed Family Breakfast

It’s finally time to take a break! Enjoy your family breakfast, knowing you won’t have to run to the office or drop off the kids at daycare. As you get ready, opt for simple or embellished leggings with a comfortable feel. When it’s time to eat, pair your leggings with a ¾ sleeve top with golden buttons for a festive style. Or choose a hooded tunic by Joseph Ribkoff for a colourful and relaxed contrast.

Having a simple brunch with your loved ones? For an easy-to-wear, yet still relaxed look, set your sights on a coordinated outfit, featuring a top and pull-on pants with contrasting bands. The eternal black and white duo proves, once again, that it’ll pair well with any occasion!

2. Girls’ Night In

Preparing for a gourmet appetizer before dinner with the girls? Just because this year’s holidays are at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style! To welcome your friends in a relaxed atmosphere, opt for a matching set featuring a cowl neck top and pull-on pants. This laid-back yet luxurious outfit will instantly ease the mood!

For a warmer look, pair your pants or our essential leggings with a plaid print shirt in neutral tones, over a knit turtleneck top. Psst! Even if you’re the one playing hostess, why not surprise your friends with personalized gifts? It’ll be a great way to show your appreciation!

3. Zen Romantic Evening

Work-related stress, among other things, might be straining your relationship. Thankfully, a date night in the comfort of your home might do just the trick! Order takeout for a night of laid-back vibes and great conversations. For the perfect date-approved look, choose an outfit that’ll combine style with relaxation. A sequin slogan sweatshirt paired with vegan leather leggings creates the perfect glamorous look!

Once you’re cuddled up on the couch before starting a holiday movie on Netflix, you might prefer comfy pants paired with a satin sleeve sweater. To add a touch of elegance, opt for a warmer toned colour block sweater.

4. Slow Solo Mornings

During weekends at home, you’ll definitely feel tempted to curl up in your pyjamas all day long! An animal print style will be perfect for a sense of playfulness as you catch up on reading. If you have time to spare, write in your journal and reflect on the past year! Or choose to relax in the form of meditation. Wear knit pants with a matching top or your favourite sweater. Slip on some cozy socks and you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud!

Or perhaps you’re one of those for whom style matters, even when vacationing at home. In that case, wrap yourself in a softly hued knit cardigan for a sophisticated and relaxed look. Lounge pants in the same colour palette, combined with a tank top, will complete the outfit effortlessly.

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What do you plan to do — or not do — during your holiday break? What loungewear are you planning on wearing at home? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you!

Adapted from French by Sania Malik

Written by Fernanda Machado Gonçalves

What sparks Fernanda’s interest? Humans in all their dimensions, arts and culture included! It’s surely no coincidence that, from a very young age, she felt called to study foreign languages. Speaking the words of your neighbour, she says, is the respectful first step to making their acquaintance. The desire to better understand others and life pushes her to read a lot. Really a lot. Literature, yes, but also everything related to psychology, spirituality, the environment… Dance – her secret passion – helps her express her creativity through movement; a whole different kind of communication. Her favourite pas de deux: Samba de Gafieira (Portuguese also being an attraction!) and ballet.

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