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With fall officially here and winter underway, there are plenty of new trends to try. It turns out, though, that pantsuits are the new superstars of fashion. If you are going to commit to a new look to take you through the chillier temperatures, make it the blazer and trouser combination. Why? Over the past few seasons, designers have given fashion enthusiasts reason to ditch the notion that suiting is only for those who work in offices. Even A-listers are choosing pantsuits over glamourous and revealing evening gowns.

With so much buzz happening on the runways, we have your updated guide on how to pull off the power suit right here.


The Wide Leg Pant

Instead of a traditional evening gown, opt for the finest version of a pant. Next time you put together an outfit, think of the ‘80s, be bold and pair a wide leg pant with a boxy blazer. This season is all about oversized styles, and the pantsuit is a prime example. You may want to snoop around in your significant other’s closet to find a blazer. We like to call this form of suiting “borrowed from the boys,” but it’s certainly made for women, too. Since oversized tailoring appears to be taking over, go ahead and make a compelling statement. If you are going to do this dramatic look, you must go all out. Take the risk and rock the oversized blazer and trousers ensemble – it’s money well spent.

The Ankle Pant

This power suit has all the charisma of a dress and can be worn effortlessly! You don’t need to work in a corporate environment to adopt a traditional 9-to-5 dress code.

Another way to wear the suit trend is to add some femininity to the look with an ankle pant. Channel the ‘90s with this somewhat shortened version of a pant and throw on a tailored blazer. If you are still hesitant about the trend, this is the easiest way to get a feel for it. A pair of trousers, like the above, makes a more playful look and can be worn around the clock. Plus, you get the opportunity to show off those stunning heels you couldn’t resist.

The Grey Checkered Print Pant

Are you looking for a versatile way to wear the suit trend? At last, there is the grey checkered pant and blazer combination. Serve up some empowering vibes this fall and winter with a menswear-inspired outfit that is on our hotlist. A-listers are turning heads with the trendy ensemble that is a closet staple. Since every woman needs a classic pantsuit in her wardrobe, why not make this style yours? With this look, the ‘90s are back in the best way possible! It’s the perfect neutral for your wardrobe and can be worn an endless amount of ways – have we made our case yet?

The Classic Pant

Do you want to try the pantsuit trend but don’t fancy some of the bolder looks? There is always the power suit we like to call the classic revival – aka the black pantsuit. Since gender binaries are no longer relevant in the fashion world, take a tip from the boys and go out head-to-toe in a tuxedo-inspired look. Don’t be timid to make a (subtle) statement. Hollywood stars are constantly showing up at red carpets with this elegant combination. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a tailored or slouchy pantsuit – go for what you are most comfortable in. It’s the simplest way to wear try the pantsuit trend, so take it for a test drive while you can.

Do you want more fun and fashionable tips? We have a few quick ones for you.

  • Dress the pantsuit down with a turtleneck for a winter-friendly look.
  • Accentuate your femininity and embrace your curves with a belted blazer jacket.
  • Keep the trend sleek with simple accessories.


Written by Tania Di Palma

Born in the city of Montreal, Tania still lives with her loud Italian family because of the mouthwatering food she gets to ingest daily. An enthusiast of many things, Tania lives by the Latin aphorism, “carpe diem.” Known to many as Tania Bon Jovi, she is busy following her idol, Jon Bon Jovi, around the entire world and she got to meet her idol a few times, too. The other love of her life? Fashion. When Tania isn’t writing, she’s either attending a rock concert, wiping her own tears while watching a rom-com, at the newest hotspot in town, shopping online or pulling a sweat at the gym (kind of). Bitten by the travel bug over a decade ago, she can’t stay put in one place for too long. Catch her if you can!

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