3 Versatile Ways to Wear Denim

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Comfortable, practical and surprisingly adaptable, denim is a staple in most closets (or should be) when it comes to putting outfits together. Once thought of as casual day wear, denim is now popping up everywhere from runways to street fashion and with good reason. It has the unique ability to transition with you seamlessly from day to night and from work to weekend – if you know how to style it correctly, of course.

Below we will walk you through three ways you can incorporate denim into your everyday life, whether you are conducting a big meeting at work or strolling through your local farmer’s market on a casual Sunday. Available in endless fits and colours, you can easily dress your jeans up or down with pieces that are already in your closet.

Denim for the Office

If your workplace accepts jeans, then we encourage you to take full advantage by incorporating them into your wardrobe. Choose wide-leg denim trousers or sophisticated skinny jeans that look polished and feel comfortable. Pair them with a structured blazer and chiffon blouse for an ensemble you will want to wear repeatedly. With Laura’s new Dressy Denim collection, you will be able to browse numerous professional jean options for the job!

Tip: stick with dark colours like deep blue or black jeans. Lighter washes are more appropriate for cocktail hour, while darker washes are business casual and perfect for a 9-to-5 day.

Casual Weekend Denim

Now, this is a no-brainer. Jeans were made for the perfect lazy weekends, but that does not mean you have to go basic. Stay casual but cool with paperbag jeans that you can pair with your favourite graphic t-shirt. Do not be scared to go for the double-denim look either. The key is to choose different colours and textures when putting together an outfit from head-to-toe. Test it out by mixing and matching a denim jacket with grey or black jeans.

Date Night Denim

Date night is the perfect occasion to let loose and have fun with your denim. Go for trendy embellished pieces by choosing jeans with rhinestones, faux leather bands on the sides, flared bottoms, embroidery, feather trims…and the list goes on. Grab your favourite high heels and slap on a bold lip and you are ready for a romantic night out.

Not going out of style anytime soon, denim is truly one of the most multi-functional closet essentials you can own. Now with an endless selection of choices at your fingertips, easily create head-to-toe looks starting with your favourite pair of jeans. So, go ahead and start experimenting!

Written by Amina Reaz

If Amina could use three words to describe herself, they would be the following: coffee, stories, and adventures. A self-proclaimed bibliophile, she enjoys collecting and reading books when she is not writing and editing. Passionate about travel and experiencing different cultures, she also loves discovering new gems all around her native city of Montreal. She likes to unwind from her day by binge-watching Netflix and cuddling with her cat Sherlock (even though he does not always like to reciprocate).

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