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It’s five o’clock on a Wednesday, you’re halfway through the week (thank god!). It’s been one of those days. You stubbed your toe as you were getting out of bed–and the day spiraled uncontrollably from there. It’s cold & rainy, and traffic is bumper-to-bumper… great. You decide to skip the gym and head straight home to hibernate in efforts to pretend this day never happened.

Netflix & takeout seem to be the only antidote to remedy the awful feeling this day has left behind. You sit on the couch ready to indulge in a Netflix marathon. What to watch? You finished your favourite show over the weekend, and you need something new to immerse yourself in–and quickly.

Behold our top 5 must-watch shows:

La Casa de Papel (season 2)

Credit: Antena 3

This action-packed series, full of twist and turns explores the adventures of a mysterious man planning the biggest heist in history. In order to carry out his ambitious plan, he recruits the best of the best in the business. A gang of crooks with nothing to lose. The goal is to break into the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros: will they be successful in their heist?

Watch La Casa de Papel


Lost in Space (season 1)

Credit: Netflix

A binge-worthy remake of the American science fiction series from the 1960s–It follows the adventures of a family pioneering through space when their spaceship suddenly veers off-course, crashing on an unidentified planet. Stranded light years from their intended destination, the Robinsons battle a strange new alien environment and their own personal demons as they attempt to find their way back. Will they make it out alive?

Watch Lost In Space


Chef’s Table : Pastry (season 4)

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s most-loved culinary documentary series is back with a new season. Since its launch in 2015, it’s taken us into the kitchens of renowned chefs who give a new meaning to culinary arts. Season 4 is all about pastries, featuring chef Christina Tosi, owner and founder of Milk Bar–an award-winning bakery known for its innovative creations. Our mouth is watering already!

Watch Chef’s Table


The Rain (season 1)

Credit: Netflix

This post-apocalyptic drama takes place six years after a virus-infected rain wipes out most of Scandinavia’s population. A brother and sister duo go on a quest in search of refuge and other survivors. Discover what they overcome in this not-so-favourable new world. Stay dry!

Watch The Rain


Stranger Things (season 1 & 2)

Credit: Netflix

Ford Broncos, bomber jackets, olive-green appliances and mullets–those were the days…Set in the ’80s and reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s work, Stranger Things follows a group of pre-adolescent kids trying to solve the mystery of their best friend’s disappearance in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. It has it all: suspense, super natural forces, humour, and an impressive young cast! It’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Watch Stranger Things


This Is Us (season 1 & 2)

Credit: Netflix

In the mood for something warm and fuzzy? This well-rounded drama is right for you (don’t worry, it’s significant-other-approved). Be prepared to feel every emotion under the sun: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get attached to the characters. It tells the story of an American family over two generations. It’s a relatable series about life–perfectly captured & sincere–it will make you press play over and over again!

Watch This Is Us

Popcorn anyone?


Adapted from French by Jonelle Larouche

Written by Pauline Ponchaux

Straight from Northern France, Pauline has great admiration for “baked-just-right-baguettes”, waffles, and sweets at brunch. Films from the '80s and '90s are almost a religion, and she adores reciting memorized lines from her favourite movies at any given time. Since she moved to Quebec, Pauline has developed a passionate curiosity for the reoccurring discrepancies between the “current temperature” and the “feels like temperature” advertised on The Weather Network. She also likes: reading in the metro, strumming the strings of her ukulele while dreaming of beaches and sunshine, trips to exotic places, Barcelona and Güell architecture (and let’s not forget sangria of course), cats, Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, and The Beatles.

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