Must-Have Looks for Summer

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer, the lines at the ice cream shops are around the block… There’s no doubt about it, summer is well underway! The same is true in our closets: big coats and turtleneck sweaters have given way to light, fresh, sunny weather styles. Flowy dresses and skirts, capris, t-shirts, linen gauchos and exotic prints are front and centre. Let’s go through a few key looks that are simply essential for the season!


#1 : The Romantic Dress

In the summer, few things are more pleasant to wear than a light, flowy dress. That goes double for the ones that exude a delightfully romantic and bohemian vibe. These gentle and feminie pieces are not only stylish, they offer unbeatable comfort and freedom of movement. Pretty crucial when the temperatures go up!

#2 : The Dynamic Duo: Tee & Capri

Simply put, there’s something just so right about capris. Available in so many styles, this hybrid between shorts and pants reveals just enough ankle, and we love it. It enjoys a loving and eternal bond with its soul mate, the t-shirt. Bonus points if that tee is as feminine and charming as possible!

#3 : The Ever-Versatile Skirt

Midi, maxi, printed or monochrome, the summer skirt will always have you twirling in style. What’s not to love? This style can be casual with a simple top and sneakers, or chic with a ruffled blouse and heels. In short, you need to have it in all of its many styles (straight, pencil, pleated, wrap) and in all fabrics (tencel, linen, cotton, denim). Just keep twirling!

#4 : Earthy & Beautiful Linen

Make this beloved fabric part of your collection and you’ll be linen the good life! (sorry) In addition to its organic elegance, linen is perfect for staying cool in the summer heat. Another major advantage: it has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. For all these reasons and more, no summer closet is complete without it.

#5 : Tropical Prints

While your plans for a beachside getaway may have fallen through this year due to the pandemic, there’s nothing wrong with adding an exotic touch to your outfits. From palm leaves to hibiscus flowers, lush foliage and more, the intoxicating shapes and colours of tropical prints are a relaxing summer escape all on their own!

Which looks are the most essential for you this season? Let us know in the comments!


Adapted from French by David Harris


Written by Pauline Ponchaux

Straight from Northern France, Pauline has great admiration for “baked-just-right-baguettes”, waffles, and sweets at brunch. Films from the '80s and '90s are almost a religion, and she adores reciting memorized lines from her favourite movies at any given time. Since she moved to Quebec, Pauline has developed a passionate curiosity for the reoccurring discrepancies between the “current temperature” and the “feels like temperature” advertised on The Weather Network. She also likes: reading in the metro, strumming the strings of her ukulele while dreaming of beaches and sunshine, trips to exotic places, Barcelona and Güell architecture (and let’s not forget sangria of course), cats, Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, and The Beatles.

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