Laura Wolstein: The Woman Behind the Brand

For International Women's Day, elebrating the woman behind the brand: Laura Wolstein
Credit: Laura Canada

In honour of International Women’s Day, we at Laura Canada wanted to spotlight the woman who started it all: our eponymous founder, Laura Wolstein.

Where It All Began

About 91 years ago, in 1930, Laura Wolstein made a decision that would impact both her family and the Canadian fashion industry forever. When it was not yet commonplace for women to go out and work, she decided to defy convention and open a clothing boutique on Montreal’s very own Saint Hubert Street. And thus, 10 years before women in Quebec had the right to vote, the first ever Laura store was born.

Mother and Entrepreneur

As a mother of 5 children, Laura’s career aspirations were no small feat. Still, her immense ambition and drive lead the way as she embodied the perfect balance between caregiver and entrepreneur.

An undeniable trailblazer of her time, she had a vision. She knew change was underway and wanted to make sure women could be dressed beautifully for every occasion that presented itself to them. Most of all, she wanted to share her love of fashion with her community.

Following her dreams, she sold only top-quality garments and tended to every customer with specific attention and care—values the company still stands by and emulates on a nationwide scale today.

For International Women's Day, celebrating the woman behind the brand: Laura Wolstein.
Credit: Laura Canada

Laura’s Style Favourites

Almost a century has passed, but Laura’s iconic fashion sense has stood the test of time.

Her signature style staples are pieces you can find within our current collections: chic cardigans, flattering skirts and dresses, and carefully chosen accessories. She loved a bold pattern, a statement sleeve and of course, an immaculate fit. She believed in women expressing themselves through their clothing all while feeling comfortable and confident.

A True Retail Pioneer

Once a simple passion project, Laura Wolstein’s modest Montreal boutique became 140 stores across Canada and a business with over 2,000 employees.

Every day, we are reminded that she is the name and also the soul that lives within the brand, and we simply wanted to share her story with the world. It is one we love to tell and her legacy is one we are proud to uphold.

A loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, a savvy business woman and a retail pioneer through and through, we celebrate Laura on Women’s Day and every day.


* * *


This March 8th, Happy International Women’s Day to all the stunning and inspiring women out there!

Who are you celebrating this year? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Erika Spedding

When it comes to fashion, as well as other aspects of life, Erika firmly believes that the rules were meant to be broken. Born and raised in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), she is a product of her city. A self-proclaimed writer and artist, she has always been drawn to the creative, dabbling in poetry, film photography, modelling, and more. She appreciates work that makes people feel something, loves a good self-care day, and will likely try to figure out your zodiac sign upon meeting you.


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