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  • Spring Staples Every Closet Needs | Fashion | Laura Canada

    6 Spring Staples Every Closet Needs

    As the days become longer, warmer and brighter, many of us are reminded that spring is a season of new beginnings. With rising temperatures and blooming bulbs come fresh fashion finds, newfound favourites and the welcome opportunity to revamp our wardrobes. While the thought of changing up your style may seem daunting at first, there’s […]

  • Rack of comfortable yet stylish clothing

    How Style Meets Comfort in 2021

    With norms being redefined by the minute, fashion must necessarily follow suit. As we adapt to our current way of living, weekend and loungewear spill into our weekday attire with casual grace. Comfort dressing takes a front seat—and it’s about time too! Still, there are ways to dress comfy without sacrificing style, and we’d love […]